Perth Airport Parking

The people of Perth have responded to the shortage of airport parking and car storage around Perth Airport, by listing their driveways, carports, carparks and other parking spaces on Parkhound. Have you got your tickets, passport, luggage, itinerary, toothbrush, cat? What about airport parking? You can now save yourself some stress and money by booking Perth Airport Parking ahead of time with Parkhound. Find cheaper Perth Airport parking options here on Parkhound.

Are you completely lost, trying to figure out what’s the best option for parking your car before catching a flight at Perth Airport? It’s bad enough that going there is quite stressful; you also have the additional struggle of determining where to leave your car when you get there. Finding a good spot for Perth airport parking seems like the most daunting idea, and there’s a lot to consider when you choose where to leave your car, namely the following:


No one wants to spend as much on airport parking as they do on their flight ticket. However, this is the case for a lot of exclusive parking areas in the airport.


A parking spot near the airport may be cheap, but it may also be completely inconvenient if it is too far away.


Of course, safety is a big factor. You want a spot that is both safe and secure for your car -- a place where you don’t have to worry about your vehicle even when you need to be away for a long time.

If there is a parking guru that will help you with all your parking needs, then it would be Parkhound, a web service that is making all travelers’ dreams come true. This innovative service connects parking spot owners and drivers together. How it works is quite simple. If you need access to affordable long-term parking near Perth Airport, Parkhound is where you can find homeowners who will rent out their available spaces for your convenience.

Parking at Perth Airport, Western Australia, Australia:

Getting to the Domestic Terminal

Domestic flights are located at Terminal 2, 3, and 4 at the Perth Airport.

Terminal 2 (T2) is directly beside Terminal 1 and is where you can find Alliance Airlines, Tigerair, and Virgin Australia.

Terminal 3 (T3), on the other hand, holds Virgin Australia, Qantas, and JetStar, with Terminal 4 (T4) housing Qantas.

Do note that the terminals designated for every airline is subject to change. Please confirm which terminal your flight is assigned to before scheduling any parking leases.

The most convenient way to get to these terminals is by bus. Bus route 40 is available every day, with a route from the Elizabeth Quay bus station from the main city. It’s easy to find different bus stops near the airport that will lead you directly to the domestic terminals.

Short-term Stays

Do you fly regularly for business or are you just an avid traveler who loves to get away on the weekends? Parkhound’s services can provide you with convenience, as it will allow you to find parking spots for lease anywhere near Perth airport, with absolutely no problem. There are many owners who are away for the weekends or who prefer short-term leases and would be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

With the parking spaces from Parkhound, you can choose to stay near a convenient station for your direct bus routes to Terminal 1, or near restaurants or coffee shops if you need to work first or wait for a long time.

Long-term Stays

Parkhound aims to provide cheaper and more convenient Perth airport parking options for both the locals and visitors. Anyone who has plans to lease out a parking space near any airport for a long-term stay knows just how much of a burden the cost can become when all the days add up.

This is what’s perfect about Parkhound and their system. You are not only renting parking space at a cheaper price for longer stays; you are also helping the owner earn a little extra income for their space. On Parkhound, long-term stays can round up to a much cheaper day-to-day cost, and you also have a lot of available choices.

To guarantee that you have a parking space, make sure that you book ahead of time. Once you have arranged for your parking needs, a big chunk will be taken off your to-do list, allowing you to accomplish more with your tasks.

How to Use Parkhound

For drivers, it’s fairly easy to book a parking spot. You can do this on your phone or your laptop or computer. Just make sure that you have an email address, a mobile number, and a way to pay online.

1. Look for available parking spots for lease near Perth Airport.
2. Check the available schedule for the lease.
3. Send a request for the parking spot.
4. Wait for the confirmation from the owners, and receive a booking confirmation.
5. Arrive on time, stress-free, at your rented parking spot.

On the other hand, hundreds of parking spot and garage owners throughout the country are conveniently using Parkhound to help them earn extra dollars every month. Having a spot near a high-demand area such as the Perth Airport can be an absolute goldmine. As the Owner, you will never run out of drivers looking for parking spots near the airport.

1. Sign-up and follow the instructions for ‘Lease my space’.
2. Discover the recommended price you can lease your space for, according to its location.
3. Write a description and upload a photo of the parking spot. Post it, ready for leasing.

Finding Perth Airport parking has never been easier. There’s no longer any reason for you to feel overwhelmed when you arrive at the airport. With the convenience and availability of booking everything online, you can schedule your parking even months before your flight. After this, all you have to do is enjoy the thrill of traveling to your next destination.