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There are three main pet peeves
when it comes to parking

The place you’re driving doesn’t have parking.

It’s expensive.

It takes ages to find a space.

For commuters and residents without a designated space, early bird & monthly parking options have become increasingly popular, helping people avoid these parking pet peeves.

Benefits of Monthly Car Parking

Time is Money

Paying for reserved monthly parking will cut down on your travelling time, as you don’t have to worry about searching for a space. All the energy that you’ve spent trying to find a parking space can now go towards something else constructive. Not only does it save you time, it also saves you money. The time spent circling the block adds up and so does the amount of fuel you chew up. Whether you need a space to park to catch public transport, near your home or workplace, there are a range of option to save you time.

Types of Monthly Parking

There are a great many places you can take advantage of parking, whether it be for the day or for a longer period of time. When looking for parking, it’s always a good idea to research beforehand, so that you know what to expect. There are certain areas that offer cheaper rates, have more availability and different space types, for example undercover parking. Some of the options for parking are listed below:

Car Parks

This is one of the most popular and common forms of parking in Australia. These can be outdoor or undercover depending on the car park itself. Most shopping centres will have undercover parking, as well as various levels for shoppers to make use of. There are also several parking giants in Aussie CBDs that offer a range of parking solutions for drivers. These are usually quite expensive.

Street Parking

Many streets permit parking on certain sections, so look for the white parking lines indicating where you can park and be sure to check the parking restrictions. This is perfect for a day out but less so for monthly parking. Costs can quickly add up in metered spaces and Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are renowned for having strict time limits. Be sure to check the signs for public holidays, event parking, and never utilise disability parking spaces unless you have the relevant permit. Parking fines for overstaying the allocated time at your street car park can be hefty.

Some local residents can apply for a parking permit from their local council. Check with your local council for the parking fees associated with a parking permit, as this can be a relatively cheap parking option.

Metered Parking

Street parking is often referred to as metered parking, especially in and around cities in Australia. There will usually be a ticket meter next to the parking area allowing you to pay for the hours you need with coins or credit card. Newer parking meters no longer require a print out ticket and instead request your number plate or you enter your parking bay. If you do have a printed out ticket, be sure to place it on your dashboard so that it is clearly visible to parking rangers.

Unmetered Parking

You are less likely to find free parking spaces in heavily populated areas, as many are reserved for residents with permits. If you do happen to find a space free of charge, keep in mind that these will usually have time restrictions. Many spaces in points of interest and busy streets will only also 15 minute parking. Make sure you read the signs carefully before parking to ensure you don’t get fined.

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If you’re not a fan of street parking and the high prices you usually have to pay, why not try Parkhound. It connects people who have cheap car parking spaces to those who need them. If you’re looking, simply filter through all the options you have on the Parkhound platform in your area. Monthly parking can be as low as $127 per month. Try it today and remove all the hassle and worry about your parking options!