Parkhound - Partner Program

Parkhound Partner Program

Partner with us

Parkhound has developed a comprehensive platform that allows you to manage your parking spaces quickly and easily. We already work with:

If you're a car park operator, business or venue, you can now take advantage of:

  • Easily set up your parking space

    Speedy Setup

    Create individual listings, duplicate or upload a bulk file of the spaces you want to lease

  • Manage bookings and availability

    Total Control

    Manage bookings, availability and prices in real-time

  • Get notified of new car park bookings

    Get Alerted

    Get notified of new bookings requests via email and SMS instantly

  • Thousands of drivers looking for parking

    Instant Reach

    We have over 10,000 members looking for parking so say hello to your new friends!

  • Award winning iPhone mobile app

    Go Mobile

    Award winning mobile app that allows customers to book anytime, anywhere

  • Secure payments platform

    Secure Payments

    All payments are managed through our super secure payment platform

  • Trusted partner of major brands

    Trusted Partner

    We already work with some of Australia’s largest brands to manage their parking properties

  • Simple parking management dashboard

    Simple Dashboard

    All maintained through a simple and secure management dashboard

  • Very low commission rate

    Low Commission

    You keep the majority of the income you earn. It's your space after all!

Parkhound - Developer Program

Parkhound Developer Program

Get connected

Parkhound has also developed a comprehensive suite of API's that can be integrated into your website and app.

This means you can now close the loop on your nagivation, travel or event app by allowing your customers to book a parking space directly. It's a great customer experience and you earn income for every booking completed.

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