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Parkhound is the #1 Parking Marketplace and App in Australia. Our mission is to ensure people like you have access to convenient, cheaper parking options in a single community marketplace. We are proud to be the middle man - bringing together drivers who are looking for an affordable, safe and secure place to park their car and hosts who are looking to make some extra money each month. The best part? We do all the hard work for you.

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In 2013, a group of friends faced a typical problem almost every Aussie had experienced: no parking for the big game.

Running late and circling the full car park near MCG for a Hawthorn match, Rob Crocitti and Michael Nuciforo had a lightbulb moment: "What if we could just ask someone to park at their place for a small fee?".

This sparked the idea for the duo to create Parkhound, an app connecting drivers with available parking spots at a fraction of the cost compared to councils and private operators.

The main vision for Parkhound was simple. Built to mirror AirBnb’s business model, Parkhound is a marketplace that connects property owners who have spare spaces with drivers who are looking for parking.

Property owners can list their parking space for free and motorists can book the time and location they want for an agreed price. It’s simple, secure and cheap.

Following the acquisition by Spacer Marketplaces in 2017 and led by CEO Mike Rosenbaum, Parkhound has emerged to become Australia’s number one parking marketplace offering thousands of hidden-gem spaces at affordable rates.


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Mike Rosenbaum
CEO & Founder

Mike is a self-professed tech nerd, serial entrepreneur and Founder of Spacer. With over 14 years of hands-on experience building tech startups including DealsDirect and Auctionbrokers, he has now lived and breathed the Sharing Economy for the past 5 years. Mike believes that by leveraging the power of technology, we can help people access underutilised assets that sit idle all around us in our community. He brings immense passion, drive and a laser focus to our team.


Roland Tam
Founder & Non-Exec Director

Roland is a corporate hack by day, closet entrepreneur by night. With a background in private equity / venture capital and insurance, he has seen his fair share of investment war stories and brings sense and (limited) sensibility to the Spacer team. His strength and passion is in growing businesses from early stage and SME to scale, applying technology to disrupt traditional operating models.


Here are the major milestones in Parkhound’s journey so far: