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9 Scientifically Backed Ways To Beat Road Rage

Are Australians the angriest drivers? Is road rage on the rise? We sat down with Dr. Amanda Stephens, research fellow from Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, to get some answers to our questions about overcoming anger on the daily commute.

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5 Best Places To Explore Without A Car In Australia

When you think of travelling around Australia, the first thing we tend to think of is road trips and van rentals (#vanlife). But not having a car in Australia shouldn’t stop you from having an amazing trip. Thanks to the country’s network of planes, trains, and buses, as well as easily walkable cities, there are tons of things to see

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The World’s Longest Commutes

If you think your local commute is bad, then get ready to commiserate with the millions of other commuters around the world dealing with traffic build-ups, public transport delays and other transit nightmares.  In this Parkhound deep dive into some truly astounding transport data, from both here in Australia and abroad, you’re going to learn who can really say they

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Top 10 Great Things About Living a Car Free Life

Thinking of living without a car? You’re not the only one! Nowadays, discussions about the pros and cons of having your own vehicle are becoming more commonplace. You might be wondering now if you should sell your four wheels and start living the car-free life. Parkhound is here to help you weigh the benefits and challenges of living without a

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The 6 Best Kept Secrets to Finding Big Event Parking

Over the last ten years, Aussies have become more excited than ever about attending sporting matches. This can mean that parking, especially SCG, ANZ and MCG parking, has become a bit of a hassle. As the day of your match approaches, you’ll be thinking about the fun you’ll have with family and friends at the stadium. But, without some parking

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The Ultimate Parking Guide: How to Pass your Driver’s Test

For many new drivers, parallel parking is the scariest thing about an upcoming driver’s test. As much as you should practice parallel parking, there are a few other parking manoeuvres that will help prove that you’re ready for your P1 licence. If you’re looking to win over your testing officer with your parking skills, then you’ll want all the practice

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What Parking Permits can you get in Sydney?

You’ve asked your neighbours, you’ve searched “parking permit Sydney” online, you’ve read through your local council rules. And still, you have questions about what kinds of parking permits exist in Sydney. You might be wondering: Who can get one? What is the advantage of getting a parking permit? Are they expensive? And what should you do if your household has

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