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Roads and Transport Need to Match Population Rates

Public transport in Australia has been a real topic of debate these last years, especially compared to the rest of the world. While countries such as Singapore and China have a thriving metro system, Australia has only just recently got on board with its metro routes. The most recent addition is Sydney Metro. Since we’re a little behind everyone else,

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Autonomous Vehicles: Driving, Stopping, Parking?

The concept of self-driving vehicles isn’t new, since it’s been talked about for the last few years. Testing has been done and some companies have even begun making them available to people. Despite still being tested out, it’s only a matter of time before driverless vehicles become the new normal way of getting around. When this happens, we need to

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What Will Stamp Duty Declines Mean for Future Taxes?

Purchasing a new property is always both an exciting and cautious time in your life. You want to make sure that you’ve got everything ready, enough funds for things such as stamp duty, mortgage deposits and in some cases, lenders mortgage insurance. However, in recent months, the state of Victoria is worried that the decline in stamp duty taxes will

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What Changes is Sydney Metro Making to Current Public Transport?

The day has finally arrived where Sydneysiders will be able to experience the new Sydney Metro line that will be opening on Sunday May 26 this year. The metro line has opened up 8 new stations and upgraded 5 current stations, bringing it to a total of 13 stations that the metro services will be operating between. The metro lines

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Car on street

Are Fewer Car Parks going to Solve Our Congestion Problem?

When you think of traffic congestion, the first thing that comes to mind is countless vehicles bumper-to-bumper, horns blaring from impatient drivers and the slow inching forward of traffic. There are so many things that cause traffic congestion, but one proposed solution is simply lessening the number of vehicles on the road. To force this change, the Moreland City Council

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Dog holding a leash in it's mouth

Community Update: Pets on Public Transport

Everyone has heard of the saying: Dogs are a man’s best friend. Unfortunately in Australia, this isn’t always the case, as dogs and other pets aren’t allowed onto the buses and trains we use to get places. The pet-friendly community has come together once again, this time to petition to change the laws involving allowing pets onto public transport. With

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How to Get your Engine Ready for the New Year

As you’re getting ready to start the new year at school or work, you might be wondering how you can make sure that your car is as ready as you are to get back to the grind. Well, maybe you’re not 100% ready, but you still want your car to be running as smoothly as possible. Even if you don’t

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Which Areas in Brisbane Are the Busiest Around Christmas?

For most local and foreign tourists, Brisbane is one of the places to be during the weeks leading to Christmas Day. Aside from the amazing Christmas Day lunches that Brisbane restaurants offer, this state capital also has a list of fun-filled activities that anyone, including those who get to celebrate the holidays alone, can enjoy. Why spend Christmas in Brisbane?

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