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Best Suburbs to Practicing Driving and Parking – Sydney

Driving practice is the best way to become a more comfortable and skilled driver. But that doesn’t mean that you should hop on the nearest roadway and go without a plan. After all, Sydney is a city with some intense traffic, and you want to steer clear of the really congested areas until you’re confident behind the wheel. That’s why

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Does the Colder Weather Affect your Vehicle?

If the temperatures have been dropping in your area, you might be wondering what kind of car maintenance you should be doing. Does cooler weather affect your vehicle’s effectiveness? Should you be thinking about tyre pressure? And how long is too long when it comes to warming up a cold engine? Parkhound has the answers to all of your winter

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The Best Transport Apps to Use in Australia

Our roadways and car parks are so busy these days. We’re lucky to have a range of transport apps to make driving, parking, and public transport easier. But you might be wondering which ones will give you the best minute-by-minute traffic updates, reliable directions and parking availability.  Here at Parkhound, we are in constant awe of the software that makes

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What’s the Deal with Parklets?

You might have noticed parklets gaining momentum in the last few years. Not only are they popping up in trendy neighbourhoods, but you can also find them in places where you least expect them. Sometimes they last for no more than a few days, while others stick around for years. And, each one is unique – you can see parklets

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Parking in the Suburbs: Bondi Junction

Because there are so many fun things to do in Bondi Junction, many of us wonder how to find the best Bondi Junction parking. Which areas are “no go” zones? Which ones always have available parking? And how can you find the cheapest parking in the area? Here at Parkhound, we’ve been asking those exact questions. Here’s your thorough guide

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How far can you go before you need to Charge your Electric Car?

Electric cars are becoming wildly popular around the world. But there’s one common question that’s on the mind of all potential electric vehicle (EV) owners. How far will this get me? Whether you’re planning a road trip or just need a car for errands, you want something that won’t leave you stranded.  In this article, we’ll lay out some of

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What is it like for Motorcyclists in Melbourne?

From navigating parking Melbourne to learning the rules of the road to staying safe in busy Melbourne traffic, motorcycle drivers have a unique experience. And any seasoned motorcycle driver will tell you that there’s a lot to learn if you’re just starting out. In this article, we’re going to lay out all the important, interesting, and helpful tips about motorcycle

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Practicing Proper Road Safety in Sydney

Navigating the driving and parking Sydney landscape can be difficult. On the one hand, you have the road rage drivers, who will stop at nothing to get to work on time and swoop in for the best parking space. And, then, of course, there are the many buses and taxis that travel back and forth along the Sydney roads. The

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How much Value does a Car Space add to Housing Costs?

Parking Melbourne is a huge topic of interest to homeowners and renters, alike. If you’ve ever been curious about how car parking can change the value of a home or whether you should invest in car parking Melbourne, we’ve got the answers for you! Parkhound has been diving deep to find the best stats and data on the value of

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