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Secure Parking vs. Wilson Parking vs. Parkhound

If you live in a heavily populated city, chances are you struggle with parking, especially if you need to park near a busy train station or public transport depot or drive to work. More often than not, you’ll have to circle around the block a few times before a vehicle finally vacates its spot for you to fill. In a

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Top 15 Affordable Restaurants in Sydney

Maybe Frank William Blue Dining Pony Dining The Rocks El Jannah Ho Jiak Haymarket Hawa Charcoal Chicken Bourke Street Bakery La Reina Hole in the Wall: Sandwich Factory Workshop Espresso Bar Luca Chicken & Sons Cow & the Moon Spice Alley Le Monde Cafe Sydney is one of the many beautiful cities in Australia. if you’re a foodie, you will definitely enjoy

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Garages for Sale

Imagine leaving your house an hour early but still finding yourself running late for a very important appointment. This is because you have been circling the block for the past hour, looking for an empty car space in the parking garage near your office. You have also been unable to locate an available street parking space. It’s just a constant

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Ridesharing in Australia; What’s Happening?

With prices of automobiles and fuel surging to new highs, it is not surprising to see resourceful individuals coming up with the wonderful idea of ridesharing in Australia. What is ridesharing? As the name implies, ridesharing is an act of traveling in a car with more than one person to prevent the need to drive individually towards a specific location.

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Top 10 Futuristic Garages

Modern technology has changed our lifestyle and affected the way we build structures. While it has many challenges, technology has made things easier, safer and more convenient for us.  People use innovation and mix it with brilliant ideas, one great example being the design of modern garages. In Australia, people are no strangers to futuristic garages. When you hear “innovation

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The Top 10 Most Expensive Classic Cars

Australia is a nation of car-loving people. With a vast road network that connects cities and suburbs, the high-income country has become a preferred market of many global car brands.  Australians have also designed cars for local companies such as Holden and for international car brands such as Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen and Leyland. While Australians are a very nationalistic people,

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How to Ensure Your Garage is Secure

Many people don’t think about their garages when they go away and the things that they have in there all that much. Here are some tips to ensure that your garage remains secure while you’re out or away. Switch to a heavy-duty security system Always lock the garage Cover the garage windows Don’t leave your garage door opener inside your

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Tips to Protect Yourself from Road Rage

Living around the city has its advantages, however this does not extend to parking. Road rage is prevalent in these densely populated areas so here are some tips to avoid these instances. Obey traffic rules Stay focused Avoid aggressive drivers Know yourself Do not tailgate Avoid honking unnecessarily Do not block the passing lane If you find yourself in a

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What’s going on with Electric Vehicles?

In more recent years, electric vehicles have become more and more popular. This is due in large part to the environmental impacts that the petroleum-based transportation vehicles have made in the past few decades. The fear of peak oil has also spiked a large interest in alternative sources of energy such as electrical, wind and even tidal energy. The major

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