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How To Get Out Of A Parking Fine

It’s the worst feeling in the world.  And it always happens when you are a bit skint for money. That dreaded piece of shiny white paper with size 4 font. Even though it says ‘parking fine’, you know it’s not fine; it’s the opposite of fine. You were only a few minutes late and now you find yourself $200 down. One whole

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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Getting a Parking Fine

Melbourne city council made over $90 million last year in parking fines and fees. The Sydney suburb of Mosman pulls in about $1.6 million a year in parking fines alone. There is no doubt that councils are becoming more cunning in their plans to meet budgets by getting more income from ordinary drivers. With quotas in place, drivers plate scanning and

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What Type Of Car Parker Are You?

With so many cars and so little parking, it’s no wonder many of us suffer from white line fever. So what method do you like to take? Does your personality reflect your approach to parking? Find out what motivates each type of motorist in their parking search… The Insider You know exactly where you are going as you have the

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PARK[ing] Day – We Came, We Saw, We Parked!

Two weeks ago on Friday, 20th of September, we celebrated PARK[ing] Day. PARK[ing] Day is an annual, worldwide event where people are encouraged to turn metered parking spots into temporary park spaces for people to enjoy. Since 2005, PARK[ing] Day has evolved into a global movement and Parkhound was proud to participate this year. This is how the day went. So

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Cash In Your Garage

The recent news that Sydney Airport made $63 million from parking services in the first half of 2013 certainly raised a few eyebrows. The announcement was quite jarring when you consider the financial difficulties that most Australian households are dealing with. Whilst Chief Executive Kerrie Mather was quick to stress that the increase in revenue was the result of growing

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