10 best driving schools in Sydney

Looking for the best driving school in Sydney? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 schools in the city to help you find the one that’s right for you.

Whether you’re a newbie behind the wheel looking to get your driver’s license or someone who has already covered some miles but wants to improve your driving skills on Sydney’s busy streets, choosing the right driving school is an important decision.

But getting the right education is not all about you. Your choice of driving school will not only help you become a disciplined and confident driver, it will also help you and others stay safe on Sydney’s roads.

A recent study conducted by NSW Transport has revealed that, on average, four people die and 90 people are seriously injured on roads every day. 

In fact, the first quarter of 2023 alone saw a total of 2,414 reported serious injuries resulting from road accidents.

And a wider view of the numbers doesn’t paint a better picture. Over the year to March 2023, there were 9,582 reported cases of serious injuries and deaths due to road crashes in the state.

But there are many studies that have shown the effectiveness of driver training as a road safety measure.

In a recent evaluation by the NSW Government’s Centre for Road Safety, data showed a 20 per cent decrease in road incidents among new drivers with professional driving lessons.

With many options to choose from, picking the right driving school in Sydney can be difficult.

To help you decide, let’s take a closer look at the best Sydney driving schools, what sets them apart and how you can find the right one for you. 

Top 10 best driving schools in Sydney

Sydney boasts a number of reputable driving schools, each with its own unique teaching styles. Here are some of the best driving schools in the region:

Disclaimer: The inclusion of schools in the list is for informational purposes only and does not imply affiliation or endorsement. We encourage independently verifying information and conducting thorough research before making any decisions.

1. AAKAR Driving School

If you’re looking to get your Ps as soon as possible, AAKAR Driving School may be the top choice for you. 

This Sydney driving school prides itself in helping learner drivers in passing their driving test on the first try, boasting a passing rate of 95 per cent on its website. 

Additionally, AAKAR holds accreditation as a member of Keys2Drive, the largest national driver safety program for beginners. But that’s not all – it’s also a licensed driving school recognised by RTA and RMS, ensuring top-notch training and expertise.

Worried about the costs? AAKAR makes learning affordable by offering an introductory rate for newbies of $55 for the first three sessions. AAKAR also provides the convenience of online booking for both regular driving lessons and driving test packages.

AAKAR also understands that life can be unpredictable and acknowledges the need for flexibility.  If you need to reschedule or cancel a lesson, simply inform them within 24 hours of booking to receive a full refund.  

AAKAR Driving School’s highlight features/offerings:

  • Offers customised driving lessons for different age groups
  • Multilingual professional driving instructors catering to diverse language needs
  • Provides free local pick up before lessons
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (Facebook reviews)

2. APIA Driving School 

APIA driving school has been in the business of educating drivers since 1963. This family-grown and operated institution prides itself for creating a positive and encouraging learning environment, while also delivering quality training and great service to every learner. 

Their professional team of accredited driving instructors are not only carefully selected, they are also provided regular training in order to stay updated with the latest available technologies and industry standards. 

This means you can be rest assured you’ll be learning to drive from the best. 

Most importantly, APIA instructors are renowned for adapting lessons to match every individual’s learning style, which has earned them a strong reputation and a loyal customer base throughout its 60-year run. 

APIA Driving School’s highlight features/offerings:

  • Offers lessons for all ages and driving skill levels 
  • Instructors speak multiple languages, ensuring clear communication for learners from diverse backgrounds
  • Offers corporate packages 
  • Rating:  4.8 out of 5 (Facebook reviews)

3. Sydney SAFE Driving School 

Sydney SAFE Driving School is all about safety and their name says it all. The S.A.F.E. acronym breaks down their philosophy, which stands for Safety Awareness First Education.

Operating in Inner West of Sydney, particularly in Balmain, Marrickville and the surrounding areas, Sydney SAFE Driving prides itself in helping people learn to navigate Australia’s roads in the safest way possible. 

The school prides itself for having a principal female driving instructor who is not just friendly and patient but also specialises in helping nervous drivers and total beginners. So, there’s no need to feel self-conscious about your driving skills and if you can’t even tell apart the brakes from the accelerator.

Plus, their patient instructors have a unique approach to get learners to up to speed swiftly and comfortably.

With a focus on teaching defensive driving techniques, low-risk driving strategies, and responsible road behaviour, Sydney Safe Driving school will not only get your Ps or your full license, they can also help you gain the skills to drive safely and responsibly. 

Sydney SAFE Driving School’s highlight features/offerings: 

  • Offers in-app learning plus in-car driving lessons
  • Stress-free learning process
  • Affordable driving lessons with no compromise on quality
  • Rating: 5 stars out of 5 (Google Reviews)

4. ABC Driving School

Known for its friendly teaching approach, ABC Driving School caters to learners of all skill levels. They offer a beginner’s course, refresher driving lessons, as well as a driving program for advanced driving techniques. 

Operating in the Sydney region since 1946, ABC driving school offers lessons from Sutherland Shire to Hornsby, from Bondi to Blacktown.  

ABC Driving School positions itself as an elite driving school, focused on delivering “true value for money” by providing high-quality instruction.

This commitment to providing top-notch education can be seen in their roster of experienced professional instructors, as well as using well-maintained, modern vehicles surpassing RMS standards during driving lessons. 

Notably, the school operates under the RMS Structured 3-for-1 driving lessons scheme, which allows learners to gain three logbook hours in their driver’s daily log book for one hour of paid tuition. 

This scheme has two main goals: it stresses the importance of having a qualified driving instructor when learning, and it makes it simpler by cutting down the needed 120 hours of supervised driving.

Notably, ABC driving school offers courses for obtaining a drivers license across various classifications, including Light Rigid, Heavy Rigid, Class LR (Light Rigid), NSW Ambulance Service (Light Rigid) Licence Upgrade, Class MR (Medium Rigid), Class HR (Heavy Rigid), and Class HC (Heavy Combination). 

ABC Driving School’s highlight features/offerings:

  • Comprehensive driving instructor service suitable for all levels of expertise
  • Focus on practical experience and safety protocols
  • Offers courses for different driver’s licence classifications 
  • Ratings: 4.6 stars out of 5 (Google Reviews) and 4.4 out of 5 (Facebook reviews) 

 5. NRMA (National Roads and Motorists Association)  Driver Training

While the NRMA is best known for its roadside assistance and insurance program, the organisation has also gained a solid reputation as one of Sydney’s top driver lesson providers.

From in class to on road and online, NRMA’s Driver Training programs are comprehensive and tailored to the needs of the learner. 

They offer driving lessons in Sydney and the surrounding region for people looking to get their license or boost their confidence behind the wheel and refresher courses, as well as assessments for seniors looking to ace their unrestricted licence driving test. 

NRMA also offers driver training for businesses, with a focus on low risk defensive driving skills for drivers of all experience levels. These training sessions are made for the specific needs of each business, considering factors such as business type and the types of vehicles driven.

NRMA Driver Training’s highlight features/offerings:

  • Wide accessibility, with over 25 convenient locations across Sydney, regional NSW and Canberra.
  • Offers NRMA members a 10% discount on driving lesson vouchers.
  • Customisable lessons scheduled at a convenient location and time for you.
  • Rating: N/A

6. Prestige Driving School

Offering driving lessons from Western Sydney to the Eastern suburbs, Prestige Driving School is renowned for its comprehensive and quality education programs. 

Their experienced instructors work closely with learners to help them become confident and safe drivers. 

Prestige Driving School uses a brand new fleet for its in-person driving lessons that has an average age of two years,  with advanced 5 star ANCAP safety rated vehicles that have dual controls and fully insured.

Additionally, all of their training cars are equipped with mobile card readers for your convenience.

Prestige Driving School’s highlight features/offerings:

  • Offers manual and automatic driving lessons
  • 3 for 1 structured lessons with experienced and licensed driving instructors
  • Lessons are conducted in a safe and modern dual-controlled vehicle
  • Rating:  4.9 out of 5 (Facebook reviews)

7.  Sydney Motor Sports Park

While Sydney Motorsport Park is widely recognised as a premier destination for motorsport enthusiasts, it is also considered as one of Sydney’s main hubs for driver safety and education. 

The circuit offers different driver training courses, from beginners and L-Platers through to advanced car control and offroad training. 

It also offers nightdriving sessions, which are one and a half to two hour lessons that involve  learner driver and supervisor taking to the SMSP track to experience driving at night. 

Drivers who want to test their driving skills and learn advanced techniques can also choose from different courses offered by SMSP, including the Skid and Slide course, Focus Driver Performance program, and the Advanced Driver Training course.

Sydney Motor Sports Park highlight features/offerings: 

  • Gift vouchers for driving courses
  • Advanced driving courses and programs not available in other driving schools in Sydney 
  • Comprehensive courses for beginners, including Youth Driver Training Program and NSW Safer Driver Course
  • Rating: N/A 

8. LTrent Driving School

LTrent is one of the oldest driving schools in Sydney, operating since 1969 and has taught over 300,000 students.This driving school offers lessons for those in Newcastle, Melbourne, Wollongong, and Central Coast.

Their courses include essential driving skills, hazard perception, and defensive driving techniques to ensure every learner becomes a competent licensed driver. 

It specialises in teaching people of all age groups, with their instructors offering a customised lesson based on the requirements of the learner. For example, it has developed a curriculum training for people who are familiar with manual driving but also want to learn how to operate an automatic vehicle. 

But most importantly, the goal  of the institution is centred on not just helping people pass the test – it also focuses on teaching young drivers to be responsible on Australian roads. 

LTrent Driving School highlights/features: 

  • Keys2Drive, Safer Drivers Course, and Aged Assessment services
  • Advanced technology and simulators for immersive learning
  • Specialised driving  programs and courses for beginners and experienced drivers
  • Rating: 4.8 stars out of 5 (Google reviews) 

9. Onroad Driving Education

Onroad Driving School is an award-winning driving school in Sydney known for their thorough teaching style.

Their instructors focus on not only teaching practical driving lessons but also the theoretical aspects of driving. 

At this driving school, it’s not just about mastering steering and manoeuvres; it’s about shaping you into a responsible and disciplined road user. They go beyond basic driving skills, providing in-depth knowledge on road safety, laws, and responsibilities.  

 Furthermore, they will provide you with the expertise to confidently handle any driving challenge that comes your way, ensuring you are well-prepared for the road ahead.

Onroad Driving Education highlights/ services: 

  • Supportive and encouraging learning environment
  • Strong focus on road safety
  • Personalised driving lessons
  • Rating: 4.9 stars out of 5 (Google reviews)

10. Galaxy Driving School

If you’re nervous about getting behind the steering wheel for the first time or have had a negative experience with driving (or learning how to do it), Galaxy Driving School might be the right fit for you.

They specialise in putting learners at ease, focusing on making driving on Sydney’s busy roads less intimidating than it may seem.

The school takes pride in having a teaching style they described as ‘reassuring’ that helps you build confidence as a driver. They also provide cheap driving lessons for both students and adults, with various options available to suit your budget.

Galaxy Driving highlights/ services: 

  • Customised driving lesson packages
  • Friendly, patient and professional instructors
  • “Guaranteed Pass or It’s On Us” policy
  • Rating: 4.9 stars out of 5 (Google reviews)

Honourable mentions: Other driving schools in Sydney

While most driving schools didn’t make the cut into our top 10, below are driving schools in Sydney that we think can be a good fit for those who are getting their groove behind the wheel:

Turramura Driving School

Another highly reputable driving school in Sydney is Turramurra Driving School, which has been in operation for more than 25 years. 

Like most schools in our list, its main goal is to help learner drivers get their driver’s licence for the first time without fail. 

Turramura Driving School not only teaches people to drive but also how they can gain confidence whilst on the road, with a main focus on being a responsible driver.

It does this by providing a stress-free learning environment, where learners are not given unrealistic expectations. 

Additionally, the school’s pricing is competitive with flexible hours that will suit anyone’s busy schedule. 

Turramura Driving School Highlight features/offerings:

  • Provides rehabilitation and training for drivers with physical disabilities
  • Offers a systematic approach to building up your driving confidence and proficiency
  • Gift certificates are available 

PB Driving school

PB Driving School not only provides a great driving program but also offers excellent customer service. And with an impressive 4.9 out of 5 average rating in Google Reviews, it’s clear they make extra efforts to ensure students feel comfortable while learning all about driving.

Their instructors take a patient and step-by-step approach to teaching learners the driver’s skills they need to navigate Sydney’s busy roads with competence and ease. 

PB Driving School highlight features/offerings:

  • Affordable and flexible driving lessons  
  • Uses modern fleet of vehicles equipped for safety and comfort for lessons 
  • Provides customised driving lessons for learners of all skill levels

Sydney Asian Driving School 

Learning to drive is all about communication, and that’s where Sydney Asian Driving School truly stands out.

The school serves a diverse community from different cultural backgrounds by providing lessons in many languages, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese. The school also provides safe, stress-free, and effective lessons at a competitive price.

Sydney Asian Driving School highlight features/offerings:

  • Multilingual instructors
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Comprehensive driving lessons

What are the benefits of learning to drive with a professional driving instructor?

While many people choose to learn how to drive from friends or family members, working with a professional driving instructor offers several benefits, including:  

1. Comprehensive driving lessons

One of the main upsides of working with a qualified and expert driving trainer is that you get comprehensive driving lessons. 

Professional driving instructors follow a structured curriculum, offering everything from basic car controls, and road rules, to more complex driving strategies, such as defensive driving techniques. 

2. Personalised driving lessons

A good professional driving instructor knows what works for one learner may not work for you. They also know that everyone learns differently and at a different pace, so they adapt their teaching approach to every learner.

Professional driving instructors typically create a tailored learning plan made for the learner’s skills and knowledge level. They do this by evaluating your abilities and provide the right feedback that helps improve your driving.  

A professional driving instructor creates a special plan that matches your pace, helping you step by step to gain confidence as you go.  

With a personalised learning plan, you can track your progress at your own speed, making sure you are well-prepared for your driving test and/or self-assured on the road.

3. Professional insights

Certified driving instructors have valuable insights you may not gain by learning with your family or friends. They can teach you to identify and prevent making the common driving mistakes on Sydney’s roads and give you practical tips. 

A professional driving instructor operating in Sydney will also be well-versed with local traffic laws and regulations. This ensures that students are not only prepared for the driving test but also understand and adhere to the traffic laws.

4. Insurance benefits 

This may come as a surprise, but some insurance companies offer discounts to people who have completed professional driving lessons. By completing a recognised driving course with an accredited school, new drivers may be able to score lower insurance premiums. 

 5. Stress-free learning

Learning how to drive from friends or family members can be stressful because of different dynamics. There can be a lot of pressure and it may cause a strain in your personal relationships.

Taking driving lessons from professional driving instructors can be helpful because of the lack of emotional attachment. You have a stress-free learning experience; the instructor can give feedback without any personal implications.

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Tips for choosing the right driving school for you

Finding the right driving school is essential to ensure you get the best guidance and learning experience.  Here are tips for finding the best that suits you:

Consider your needs

Are you looking to get a professional driver license? Or maybe you’re pursuing a career as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)  and need to have the license to drive an emergency vehicle like an ambulance? 

When choosing a driving school, make sure that their services and offerings fit your needs. This means identifying your goal 

 For example, if you’re looking to learn more advanced driving techniques, you should consider a school that specialises in providing these types of courses  and not a school that focuses on new drivers. 

Compare prices

With the high cost of living thanks to surging inflation squeezing every Australian household’s budget, it’s recommended to shop around for a driving school that is affordable. 

However, remember that a lower price tag may come with some downsides. It could mean you’re not getting a comprehensive education or you’re missing out on some offerings. We recommend finding a driving school that offers courses at an affordable price range but also provides the learning experience and environment you need and feel comfortable with.

Make sure to also check if there are discounts available, as well as discount vouchers offered by the school. 

Read reviews

The stellar Google and Facebook ratings can be a good start to see if a driving school is the one for you, but we recommend looking at the finer print. With this, we mean having an in-depth look at what the reviews say about the prospect driving school. 

For example, if you need strong communication skills from a driving instructor, check out if the reviews and feedback checks out. If you’re after value for your money, see if the affordable rates offered by a school does not compromise the quality of education you’re getting. 

Which driving school in Sydney do you recommend? Let us know!