Adelaide Airport Parking

Adelaide Airport certainly punches above its weight with it's new secure and affordable multi-level car park. The car park is a great way to give your car a holiday as well when you go on a trip away. The car park offers multiple options depending on your budget and it also has all the latest parking technology including a parking guidance system. The entrance height is 2.2 m so if you need something a little different, there are other off site parking operators who will take you to the terminal in a shuttle bus. Check out the best range of cheap and secure car parking at Adelaide Airport with Parkhound below.

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Adelaide is one of the best cities in the world and one of the reasons you should visit. From the basics of wine, food, art, galleries, shopping, events and a lot more, Adelaide is a world-renowned city dubbed as the Great Wine Capital of the World. Be sure not to miss it by booking a flight to Adelaide today. Also, be sure to check out Adelaide Airport parking if you want to drive to the airport.

Adelaide’s point of entry is located in the West Torrens site, also known as West Beach. In 1941, the state’s aviation needs were addressed from the former Parafield Airport. In 1947, Adelaide Airport started its construction, with flights starting in 1954. Eventually, the establishment of the temporary passenger terminal was in operation, and it was regularly used for domestic and regional traffic until October of 2005.

International flights were regularly served in 1982, with the construction of the separate international terminal building.

Parking at Perth Airport, Western Australia, Australia:

Getting to the Domestic Terminal

Access to the Terminal is the public road adjacent to it. The loading and unloading of luggage is conducted with a strict implementation on the set down time limits in order to manage the traffic. This is a towing zone; hence, you must never leave your vehicle unattended here.

Within the terminal but beyond the security screening point, passengers and anyone else is allowed entry into the sterile area. On the other hand, the airside of the airport is prohibited unless you are a passenger.

Short-term Stays

A multi-level carpark is said to house 1650 vehicles on levels 1-4. Areas for people with disabilities are also provided. BVEs (battery electric vehicles) are assigned on level 2 where each bay is provided with charging cables.

Aside from these options, another you might want to consider Is renting your own parking space. Whether for short-term or long-term stays, covered or uncovered parking, Parkhound has the parking spaces that can meet your needs.

Long-term Stays

Adelaide Airport long term parking is less than a ten-minute walk from the airport. There is also a bus service that would bring guests to and from the terminal. Buses are available every 20 minutes and start service at 4:30am from the carpark. The last departure from the terminal is at 11:20pm.

During peak seasons in Adelaide, including Fridays and weekends, Adelaide Airport long term parking is normally fully booked, but management assures of a space that you can use, the overflow car park area. You can contact their car park office to make arrangements.

How to Use Parkhound

Parkhound has partnered with local owners within the area who have unused space they want to lease. As you search for the right parking space, one or more of the spaces listed on Parkhound might just match your preferences!

Here’s how to tap Parkhound for your parking needs:

   Sign up with Parkhound.
   Look for that parking space that matches your requirements and preferences.
   Book the space.

So, happy parking & happy holidays!