Gold Coast Airport Parking

There are a variety of parking options around Gold Coast Airport to suit any holidaymaker’s budget. From options located in the Gold Coast Airport itself, to operations located nearby that will take you in a free courtesy shuttle to the airport terminal. With all these options it can often be hard to decide. So, let Parkhound do the work of finding you cheap and available parking by searching below. We're sure you will find something to suit your airport parking budget.

Heading to different places is a way to break the monotony of the daily grind. It is a great way to divert your thoughts from the hard-core duties in life. If you are in this part of the continent where the Tasmanian Devils thrive, you have to consider taking a look at the “Place of Good View” (Coolangatta).

Like any other destination, the entry point is always the first question that comes to mind. Coolangatta Airport, now known as the Gold Coast Airport, used to be lined with three grass strips that serve as an emergency landing ground only for air transport vehicles that fly between Sydney and Brisbane. Presently, this runway sits astride the state border of Queensland and New South Wales. It is an accessible facility that is located on the western side of the Gold Coast Highway in this coastal suburb.

Gold Coast Airport caters to at least 380 direct flights each week, which include both domestic and international flights. Believed to be the world’s sixth busiest airport that brings people to Australia’s premier tourist destinations, it welcomes more than 6.5 million passengers annually.

All flights utilise the same terminal. The northern end of the Terminal building is where you can find the check in counters for both domestic and international flights. Terminal facilities include wireless internet and bar cafes. You can also enjoy dining “in the cool air”, the Al fresco way!

Parking at Gold Coast Airport, Eastern Avenue, Bilinga, Queensland, Australia:

Getting to the Terminal

Wherever you want to go, it is always best to have your own vehicle for easy access to your destinations. Well, Coolangatta Airport Parking is a “no airport parking” space. This means that the closest parking to the airport is still some distance from it.

So, here’s how things work in Coolangatta Airport. Its management provides you with several ways to get to and from it.


A shuttle brings guests, residents, and other visitors to the different destinations in Gold Coast. This services all airport terminals every day of the week and offers you free Wi-Fi, comfortable modern seats, an online ticketing option, and you can take your kids to travel for free!

Trains, trams and buses

There is an integrated network of transportation in Gold Coast called the TransLink. This includes the Queensland Rail, Surfside Buslines, and the G:link trams. Two routes, 760 and 777, depart from the airport, which would take you to various stops on your trip.

Route 777. This route has the most limited service, since it would take you only to the South tram station in Broadbeach. You then have to transfer to the G:link, which will take you to the other bus routes for your specific destination. Buses on this route run every 15 minutes from 7 a.m. to 7p.m., every day for the entire week.

Route 760. This route connects to Varsity Lakes Train Station, which departs every 30 minutes.

On the other hand, Surfside services guests and residents to Kingscliff and Potsville from Twead Heads and Murwillumbah.

You can purchase the Go card in Hub Convenience, but it doesn’t offer refunds. You will be advised to go to a nearby retailer for your refund claims. Better yet, just get a “Gold Coast go explore,” which is available at the airport for $10 a day for unlimited bus and tram travel.

Should you opt to travel by train, they pass by Brisbane Central and then proceed to Varsity Lakes Train Station, with connections to Surfside Bus 760 and end in the Gold Coast Airport.

If you prefer to drive to the airport instead of using public transportation, your only concern would then be too look for a good Gold Coast Airport parking spot. You may opt for either a short-term or long-term stay.

Short-term Stays

A short-term stay refers to when you need the parking space for under eight hours. Parking is charged every hour for a full stay. This includes spaces for persons with disabilities and can be either paid through cash or a credit card at the pay station. No online transactions are available.

Long-term Stays

You must book online to be guaranteed of long-term parking space. Disabled parking spaces are also made available. Payments can be made with cash or with a credit card at the pay station.

If you’re looking for a more convenient way to book and pay for your parking space, then you might want to consider using Parkhound’s services.

How to Use Parkhound

Parkhound offers you the most convenient and cheapest way to get a good Gold Coast Airport parking space. Forget about going to pay stations and get that space with just a few clicks.

Parkhound has partnered with local owners who have unused parking spaces that they can rent out. They have their space listed on Parkhound so that drivers get to have a safe, cheap, and convenient way to park their car near the Gold Coast Airport.

You’ll just have to follow these simple steps:

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