Hobart Airport Parking

One of the most intriguing places in Australia and the country’s second oldest city, Hobart is an outlying piece of the Australian continent, which in itself is a museum. When Llanherne Airport -- as it was formerly known -- was built, it catered to around 120,086 passengers and almost 12 tonnes of freight, ranking it fifth among Australia’s busiest airports. It has two terminals that cater to international and domestic flights, as well as to general aviation services, such as gliders, parachuting, and business jet flights.

Parking at Hobart International Airport, Strachan Street, Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia:

Getting to the Domestic Terminal

If you want to drive your friends or family to the airport, there are a couple of car parks that you can choose from. The main car park is available for those who are dropping off or picking up or for short-term trips. Taxis are also a popular mode of transportation. It usually takes 20 minutes from Hobart city to the airport. The taxi rank is located just outside the terminal building so you won’t have to worry about pulling your suitcase around for long.

You can also catch public transport to the airport. The Tasmanian Redline City Hotels Shuttle bus can take you from the airport to any accommodation you might have. If you’re travelling to the airport, you can get on at the transit centre or university and take the bus all the way to the airport. Adult tickets are $20 one-way and $35 return.

Short-term Stays

An average of $8.00 is charged for short term parking while a fee of as low as $5.00 is charged for parking for an hour or less. Drop offs or pick ups of ten minutes or less are free. After these periods, though, the parking fees range from $12.00 per hour to $22.00 per day.

Long-term Stays

The Saver Car Park is recommended to those who are travelling long term. Should you want to secure your vehicle for more than a day, long term parking at Hobart Airport offers you parking space for a charge of $22.00 per day for the first five days, after which the parking fee becomes $11 per day. All payments are made at the exit gate.

How to Use Parkhound

Another option for your airport parking needs is Parkhound, an online parking marketplace.

As a Driver, you are able to sign up for free and search for the spaces within whatever area you want to park in. After looking through the listings available to them through your search, you can get into contact with the Seller of the parking space and book it for however long you need. This is a great solution as you are able to choose the parking space most suited to your needs.

On the other hand, if you have a spare parking space not being used for anything, why don’t you become a Parkhound Seller? You have the chance to earn up to an extra $250 per month. All you have to do is list your space on the platform and post pictures of your parking space, along with as many details as you can think of describing your space. Once a Driver has booked your space, confirm it and the process is complete. You can lease your space for short-term or long-term periods depending on what you feel most comfortable with.