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Parkhound makes it easy to browse, book and pay for the most suitable parking space for you - monthly or daily, CBD or suburb. With Chargehound, we’re expanding our service to the growing EV community, connecting you with dedicated off-street charging options.

Have an EV charger at home?

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Looking for an EV charger to use?

Have an EV charger at home?

Get an extra $100 when you get your first booking

Help the EV movement grow by listing your charger on Chargehound when you’re not using it. You can make up to $450/month from your park and charge space. Anyone with a home charging point can join, no matter if your charger is available full-time, during business hours or only on weekends.

Due to the current high demand for park and charge spaces, we’re offering a sign-up bonus for the first 100 EV Hosts - an extra $100 when you receive your first booking.

List your charging space Free

The Benefits for Hosts

Your EV charger is an asset

As a reward for choosing an environmentally friendly method of transport, your at home EV charger and parking space can earn you extra income.

You set the rules

You decide the availability, access and price of your EV charger and parking space.

The Benefits for Drivers

Freedom to move

With a network of homeowners listing their personal EV charging stations for use across Australia, you’re no longer confined to searching for the nearest commerically operated EV charging station on your travels.

Easier to make the switch to Electric

Easier access to EV charging stations means owning an Electric Vehicle can be a more viable option for those who can’t access at-home charging. It can also save you quite a bit of cash in the long-term by reducing your purchase of petrol.

How it works for drivers and hosts

With 7 day a week support and an average of 4.8 stars on Google, Parkhound Renters have been overwhelmingly happy with their booking and parking experience with

  • Paul B
    over a year ago
    5 stars via
    Great transaction. It is a seamless process
  • Juan Burguillos Ferreira
    over a year ago
    5 stars via
    Awesome service and communication!
  • Carina Brooks
    over a year ago
    5 stars via
    easy transactions, always follow up by phone calls.
  • Lucie Smith
    over a year ago
    5 stars via
    I'm so thrilled with Parkhound. Very helpful staff. It's a great company, much appreciated. All the drivers I've dealt with have been lovely.
  • Maggie
    over a year ago
    5 stars via
    I've used parkhound for many years and the website is easy to use, and customer service very helpful.
Renters enter their destination and compare nearby parking options.
Renters view the details of your listing, including photos, dimensions and features of your parking spots.
Renters book and pay for their monthly parking spot from their smartphone or computer.

We’re still growing!

More park and charge spaces will be available soon! Join our waitlist to receive 15% off your first short-term rental or 15% off the first month of your booking. We’ll let you know as soon as spaces become available in your area.

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