Canberra Airport Parking

Canberra International Airport has invested a lot of time and money in creating an excellent parking system for its airport. The airport certainly let's off a positive vibe to tourists travelling in an out of the centre with multiple short-term and long-term secure parking options. Free parking is available for quick drop offs and there are very affordable rates for those looking to stay long-term. The maximum entrance height is 2.3 m so just keep that in mind. You can find all Canberra Airport parking options with Parkhound.

“Built in the bush” is a common saying among Australians when they refer to the great city of Canberra. This city, unlike other major cities in the country, is known for its natural beauty -- with hundreds of trees, bushes, and other greeneries stretching all over the ACT (Australian Capital Territory).

Canberra offers so much more than just a government powerhouse for the country. Other than the massive government buildings, Canberra also has the National Gallery of Australia, the Lake Burley Griffin, the National Carillon, and so much more.

The city is a haven for people interested in history, as it shelters some of the most significant and historical landmarks of Australia, starting with the Australian War Memorial, which was built to commemorate all the brave souls who fought during World War II. The Byzantine-inspired monument is truly a sight to see.

If you’re planning to go there, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind with regards to Canberra Airport and Canberra Airport parking.

Parking at Canberra Airport, Canberra International Airport, Australian Capital Territory, Australia:

Getting to the Domestic Terminal

Canberra Airport, along the Terminal Circuit, caters to a number of airlines, mainly comprising Qantas and Virgin Australia. People can travel domestically to Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Dubbo.

Canberra’s terminal precinct underwent a major redevelopment project called the “AirVolution” from 2009 to 2014. It serves both domestic and international passengers. It allows passengers to easily navigate the domestic terminal with the dual-lane, axial road systems that provides access to the terminal’s entrance and exit. It is located eight km. from the main city of Canberra.

Also called the “New Terminal,” Canberra Airport’s domestic terminal has ten more aerobridges, a wider screening area, a lounge area, and a bigger baggage handling system.

Short-term Stays

Most people who bring their car to Canberra leave it at the airport’s carpark and avail of Canberra airport parking. The airport offers long-term stays, short-term stays, and weekend parking for travelers. The airport has both covered and outdoor parking.

Short term covered parking costs $30 per day for the first four days. Outdoor parking, on the other hand, costs $23 per day for the first four days, although short-term stays mostly last for only a couple of days to a week. After the first forty days, the airport will charge $15 per day for covered parking, and $12 per day for the next six days of outdoor parking.

Long-term Stays

For people planning to stay long, the same rate as for short stays apply, although an additional $7.50 per day will be charged for cars parked longer than ten days at the covered parking area. On the other hand, it will cost you $6 per day after ten days when you have your car parked at the outdoor carpark.

Canberra Airport provides carpark promos for long-term stays -- $390 for covered or indoor parking and $350 for outdoor parking up to 60 days. Long stay parking at the Canberra Airport for 90 days will cost you $430 for covered parking and $400 for outdoor parking.

There are also some special promos with discounted parking rates from time to time. In addition, Canberra Airport offers other promos, such as disabled parking, a free ten-minute passenger pick-up, and an express passenger pick-up.

It is advisable for you to make parking arrangements before your flight to avoid any hassle after you land. If you need a hand in accomplishing that, Parkhound is more than happy to assist you in finding the best parking space that meets your preferences.

How to Use Parkhound

Parkhound is a marketplace for parking spaces all over Australia. The marketplace offers its services to both domestic and international travelers, and its main clients are the drivers and owners.

In the past, driver’s options were limited to street parking and airport parking. Today, they have the option of renting parking spaces in places around Canberra and other cities in Australia. These parking spots are located in either residential or commercial properties, and they are also secure and come at affordable prices.

Owners take a picture of their parking space and upload it on Parkhound, along with all the necessary information. The parking space is then listed for rent on Parkhound’s website and can be easily booked by drivers.

If you’re planning to visit Canberra and you are looking for a parking spot either inside or outside the airport, you can be assured that Parkhound has your back.