1. Maybe Frank
  2. William Blue Dining
  3. Pony Dining The Rocks
  4. El Jannah
  5. Ho Jiak Haymarket
  6. Hawa Charcoal Chicken
  7. Bourke Street Bakery
  8. La Reina
  9. Hole in the Wall: Sandwich Factory
  10. Workshop Espresso
  11. Bar Luca
  12. Chicken & Sons
  13. Cow & the Moon
  14. Spice Alley
  15. Le Monde Cafe

Sydney is one of the many beautiful cities in Australia. if you’re a foodie, you will definitely enjoy a dazzling array of delicious foods being served excellently at various Sydney restaurants.

If you are looking for mouth-watering dishes without wrecking your pocket, there are plenty of restaurants out there for you to choose from, many of them having good reviews on Tripadvisor Sydney. They serve affordable and palatable foods, suitable for all taste buds.

Restaurants Near You

If you’re in Sydney, delicious meals shouldn’t always come with a price. If you’re constantly asking, “what are the affordable restaurants near me,” here are the top 15 affordable ones you should try:

  1. Maybe Frank

This is a vegetarian-friendly pizza place and a cocktail bar, known for its delicious pizzas and fantastic cocktails.

They also serve excellent pastas and antipasti and you can even select your preferred mozzarella. They serve luscious desserts as well, such as tiramisu, bomboloni and Sicilian cannoli. Not to mention, they also offer a $20 all-you-can-eat pizza on Tuesdays nights.

  1. William Blue Dining

For a fine dining experience at a reasonable price, you can count on William Blue Dining. With its warm and calm atmosphere, you will absolutely feel at home in this dining place. You can also enjoy its surprisingly affordable $43 three-course menu.

Not quite convinced? There are plenty of good feedback about William Blue Dining on Tripadvisor Sydney.    

  1. Pony Dining the Rocks

If you enjoy eating in an open view, this attractive place might be the ideal spot for you. They efficiently serve delicious dishes such as oysters with nahm jim dressing for only $3.90, seared sirloin for only $12.30 and linguine with prawns for only $32.

This modern restaurant serves delicious modern Australian cuisine at a good price, despite the restaurant’s amazing location.

  1. El Jannah

This simple restaurant is well-known for having the city’s best Lebanese chicken. It’s very rare to find cheap yet really good food these days. In El Jannah, you can get a 2-person meal for only $35.

  1. Ho Jiak Haymarket

For an authentic Malaysian dish that is both inexpensive and delicious, you’ll want to start driving to Haymarket. They offer good service, along with their simple and casual atmosphere.

They serve mouth-watering dishes such as char koay teow, chicken satay and lobster indomee.

  1. Hawa Charcoal Chicken

Once you’ve stepped into the main street of Granville, you will be welcomed by the delicious smell of their popular charcoal chicken, cooked to perfection. They serve a variety of other palatable meals as well.

  1. Bourke Street Bakery

This popular bakery has been an attraction among Sydney’s residents since it started in 2004. They are famous for their signature dish called Flourless Belgian Chocolate Cake which costs only $5 a slice. They also serve freshly baked dishes with a twist that keeps customers interested and wanting more.

  1. La Reina

This place is quite popular among South Americans as they serve the best arepa in town. The ambiance of the place is also cheerful. They also offer several healthy meals.

  1. Hole in the Wall: Sandwich Factory

If you love sandwiches, this might be an ideal place for you. They serve the freshest and most delicious sandwiches in town, along with a great team that will surely brighten your day. They also serve coffee along with their different kinds of sandwiches.

  1. Workshop Espresso

The place is perfect if you are looking for high quality coffee at an affordable price. The staff members are friendly and fast at serving customers, despite the crowds of people this cafe brings. They also offer cakes and tea for people wanting light snacks to eat over catching up with friends.

  1. Bar Luca

They offer large portions of great tasting burgers and other mouth-watering dishes such as crispy onion rings and mac and cheese. Bar Luca also serves good selections of beer and other beverages.

  1. Chicken & Sons

If you are not a big fan of southern style chicken, this restaurant might change your mind. They have the best chicken burgers you will ever have and the staff are very friendly and accommodating. You can get their signature buttermilk fried chicken burger for only $18.

  1. Cow & the Moon

Craving for sweet desserts? Come and visit Cow & the Moon. This place is popular for their great authentic gelato that is out of this world. They have a wide variety of flavours available. Have a bite off their signature dish for only $8.60.

  1. Spice Alley

This place serves high quality Asian food such as Japanese, Malaysian and Thai dishes at a very affordable price. You can actually get a lot of food for only $30.

  1. Le Monde Café

Drop by at Le Monde Café and experience their exceptional food and service at a very affordable price. They serve great portions of meals such as crunchy potato rosti with smoked salmon and coffee is always available.

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