What Parking Permits Can You Get In Sydney?

You’ve asked your neighbours, you’ve searched “parking permit Sydney” online, you’ve read through your local council rules. And still, you have questions about what kinds of parking permits exist in Sydney. You might be wondering: Who can get one? What is the advantage of getting a parking permit? Are they expensive? And what should you do if your household has multiple cars?

In this Parkhound guide to parking permit Sydney information, we’ll explain it all! By the end, you’ll know about parking permit eligibility, cost, and even whether having a parking permit is the best option for you.

Overview of the types of parking permit Sydney residents can apply for

There are many different kinds of parking permits available to Sydney drivers. The most common types you’ll see are:

  • Residential parking permit. Within Sydney, there are 16 parking permit areas where a resident may be eligible to apply. The permit areas are divided into two zones with slightly different parking restrictions based on availability of parking: Zone A tends to offer fewer parking permits than Zone B, in which you can generally apply for up to 2 permits per household. Expect to pay $81 for the first year-long permit, and $124 for the second. The pensioner concession rate is $13 for the first permit and $54 for the second. 

We should note that some areas, such as Central Sydney, are not issuing any new resident street parking permits. Get more information about your parking area on the City of Sydney parking permit area map

  • Visitor parking permit. These are temporary residential parking permits that can be used for guests in certain parts of Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Just like resident parking permits, there are different zones throughout the city. These dictate how many visitor parking permits a resident can apply for. Visitor parking permits are cheap, at $2 a permit (with a minimum purchase of 10 permits) or $1 a permit with pensioner concession. Keep in mind that this type of parking permit is only valid for one day.
  • Business parking permit. Some businesses need special parking permits in order to conduct normal operations. These parking permits are given out to businesses that utilise vehicles for transporting goods and equipment and don’t have access to on-site parking. Eligible businesses can apply for 1 parking permit, and can expect to pay $55 for a year-long permit.
  • University parking permit. There are tens of university campuses spread across Sydney, all with their own policies about parking permits. Unfortunately, these are some of the most expensive parking permits on the list. A UNSW parking permit for staff and contractors costs $96 per month. A USYD parking permit varies by campus, but can cost $101.71 for a 90-day student permit.
  • Disability parking permit. There are three types of disability or mobility parking permits available: individual, temporary or organisation. The first two are issued to individuals with either permanent or temporary disabilities. The last is intended for organisations that offer transport to people with disabilities. Unlike the other parking permit types on this list, disability parking permits are uniform throughout Australia as part of the Australian Disability Parking Scheme. This is a free permit. 

Some of the parking permits that are less common include:

  • Tradesperson visitor parking permit. This parking permit can be issued to anyone who needs access to a residence. Building for improvement or maintenance work also apply for this permit. The owner of the residence is responsible for applying for these types of parking permits. They can obtain up to 6 week-long permits per year. At $54 per week, this is one of the costlier parking permit Sydney options.
  • Support worker parking permit. This parking permit is essential for support workers who conduct regular home visits as part of their job. The support worker, not the recipient of support worker services, is responsible for applying for this parking permit. They must expect to conduct over 60 home visits per year to be eligible. This parking permit is valid for one year and costs $54.
  • Carer parking permit. Anyone who falls under the legal definition of a person in need of care by the Carers Recognition Act 2010 is eligible for this permit. In order to allow a person access to multiple carers, the parking permit is issued to the person in need, not the carer. That said, the parking permit cannot be used by anyone who provides care services under contract, volunteers for an organisation or is required to provide care services as part of a training or education course. The cost of this one-year parking permit is $54.

There is a unique application process for each type of parking permit Sydney offers. So make sure to check the City of Sydney website to find out which documentation you need for your specific parking permit.

Going green can save you money on your parking permit!

Some parking permits can offer you a discount on your parking permit if you have an eligible green vehicle. These include resident, visitor and business parking permits.

A vehicle with 111.9 or less emissions, for instance, can apply for a resident parking permit for only $42. When it comes to a business parking permit, the same car will only pay $29. 

That said, cars with emissions of 261.2 or more may actually be charged more for parking permits than the standard rate. Make sure to check your car’s green vehicle rating so that you can be informed about the actual price of your parking permit. 

Is having a parking permit worth the cost?

Now that you know the costs and requirements of the types of parking permit Sydney has to offer, you might be wondering if it’s really worth it. 

After all, there are areas where having a parking permit still means driving around the block looking for empty spaces. Areas where parking is notoriously sparse, like Newtown, Bondi Beach, Darlinghurst and Potts Point. Even parking permit Sydney holders may have a hard time putting their parking privileges to good use.

There’s also the issue of multi-car households and areas that will not issue new resident parking permits. If you have more than one family car, find yourself in an area with limited parking permit availability, or need parking near work, it’s a good idea to look for alternatives.

Parkhound is a great solution to the problem of street parking shortages. Instead of going through the hassle of applying for a parking permit without the guarantee of a space, you can rent an off-street parking spot that is yours when you need it. 

Get around the high fees of a USYD parking permit, for instance, by booking one of over 300 affordable parking spaces for rent right off the University of Sydney campus. And the same goes for other busy parking areas, like Bondi Junction, Pyrmont or wherever you live or work. With a rented parking space, you can stop worrying about the hassle, danger, and expense of parking your car on the street.

What’s your experience with parking permits?

Have you applied for parking permits? Are you looking for ways to put the days of on-street parking behind you? Or, maybe you’re still on the fence about the parking permit Sydney options? Reach out to Parkhound with any additional parking permit questions!