12 Lucrative Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start From Home

If your wage isn’t going far enough, it might be time to consider a side hustle. Whether you want to boost your savings account balance, pay off debt, or lessen your student loans, taking up a side hustle can be fun and profitable. Nearly 7% of people have multiple jobs, so why not join them and boost your income?

With the cost of living rising in Australia, there’s no need to struggle to make ends meet. In this ultimate guide to side hustling, I’ll share 12 ideas to help you make extra cash on the side.

Best side hustles to make money from home

If you’re looking to make a passive income from the comfort of your home alongside your full-time job, you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways to make money without too much time or effort. Here are the best side hustles for making money from home. 

Renting out spaces or property

Renting out spaces or property is a simple way to make money on the side. Let’s look at how you can use renting to make a passive income. 

1. Renting out parking spaces 

Did you know that you can monetise your off-road drive? To determine if your drive can be a profitable option, consider the location of your home and its accessibility to nearby workplaces. Renting out your drive or parking space is an excellent idea if you live in or near major cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Parkhound is an excellent platform to help you lease out your car parking space 

2. Renting out a spare room or apartment

If you’re lucky enough to own your home or multiple properties like an apartment, you can rent these out to earn a passive income. To have the best possible chance of making money, ensure your spare room or apartment is clean and comfortable, ready for new occupants. 

To make your spare room more attractive, declutter the space, provide the essentials like a bed, desk, and wardrobe, and ensure it meets safety and hygiene standards. 

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3. Renting out storage spaces

Whether you have extra space in your home, an empty garage, or a dedicated storage unit, you can rent these spaces out to make a tidy profit. To have the best chance of renting out your storage room, ensure it’s clean, secure, and suitable for storing items. 

Freelance services

Are you a creative person looking to make a little extra cash? Start advertising your freelance services. This is a great way to make money online from the comfort of your home. Here are some freelancing services that are perfect for those looking to start their side hustle. 

4. Writing and editing

If you’re a talented or competent writer with a keen eye for detail, freelance writing might be your perfect side hustle. As a freelance writer and editor, you can set your rates, choose projects that interest you, and start selling your services online, like Fiverr and Upwork. The average freelance writer makes $59.35 per hour, so it’s no doubt a profitable side hustle idea. 

If you’d rather work for yourself, you could create your blog and make money from advertising. Money blogs offering financial advice and lifestyle blogs with advice are the most profitable types of websites. 

5. Graphic design

If you’re artistically creative and understand graphic design elements, you can transform this skill into a profitable side hustle. Graphic design offers great flexibility – you can choose your clients, projects, and working hours. You can take on projects that align with your interests and schedule, giving you more control over your workload.

To be a successful freelance graphic designer, you must create a portfolio showcasing your best design work. Include a variety of projects that demonstrate your skills as a designer. If you don’t have any demonstrable experience, consider working on personal projects or collaborating with friends or small businesses to build your portfolio.

6. Virtual assistance

Freelancing as a virtual assistant can be a rewarding side hustle that offers flexibility, the opportunity to work remotely, and the potential to earn extra income. Virtual assistants are remote professionals who provide administrative, creative, technical, or specialised support to clients or businesses. 

As a freelancer, you could do anything from managing emails, scheduling appointments, handling travel arrangements, and organising documents, to conducting research.

Online selling

Online selling is the way to go for easy side hustle home jobs. You can create an online store on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Etsy and instantly sell products. If you can’t think of a name, use a business name generator online to find something catchy and relevant to your company.

Starting an online shop can be a profitable endeavour. Here are the different ways you can start an online selling hustle. 

7. Online store

The easiest way to start selling online is to set up a store on an e-commerce platform. They handle the tricky parts of running a store, like customer credit card details. 

The most popular e-commerce platforms include: 

  • Amazon. 
  • Shopify.
  • WooCommerce.
  • eBay.
  • Etsy.

Choose the best e-commerce platform for your products, create your seller account, and set up your online store. Customise your store’s branding, product listings, and policies. Ensure your product descriptions are accurate, compelling, and optimised with relevant keywords. Consider hiring a social media marketer to get the word out about your new online store. 

8. Sell handmade crafts and artwork

If you’re crafty or have experience creating high-quality artwork, you could sell your handmade items on e-commerce platforms. Etsy and Shopify are particularly popular with those looking to buy handmade products. 

Types of handmade crafts you could sell include:

  • Jewellery. 
  • Ceramics.
  • Woodworking. 

Selling your photography is also a great option. It can be profitable if you sell prints or canvases of your pictures. 

9. Reselling items

If you have any excess items, such as clothes or shoes, you can resell your items online to work towards your financial goals. Rather than throwing your old items away or giving them to charity, you can make some side cash by selling them online on platforms such as eBay, Vinted, or Depop. 

Side hustles that pay weekly

Choose a side hustle that often pays if you’d like to boost your weekly income. Working casually for delivery or courier services, gig economy platforms, or pet sitting can help boost your bank account balance. 

10. Delivery and courier services

Most of the large delivery or courier services pay their workers weekly. You can deliver groceries, food, or packages to people in your local area, making it an easy side hustle on top of your regular job. 

Here are the most popular Australian delivery or courier services you can work with: 

  • Uber Eats: Uber Eats is a popular food delivery app allowing drivers to deliver meals from local restaurants. Uber Eats pays its drivers weekly, typically through direct deposit to their bank accounts.

  • Sherpa: Sherpa is a delivery service specialising in same-day or on-demand delivery. Sherpa offers weekly payments to their drivers, deposited directly into their bank accounts.

  • Zoom2u: Zoom2u is a courier service that provides fast and on-demand delivery options. They offer weekly payments to their drivers.

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11. Gig economy platforms

Gig economy platforms that connect individuals with short-term, flexible work opportunities. These platforms allow people to work as independent contractors and provide services on demand.

The most popular gig economy platforms in Australia are: 

  • Airtasker: Allows people to outsource tasks or find work. Whether you’d prefer to clean houses, be a handyman, or garden, Airtasker will have something for you.

  • TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit is a platform that allows users to ask for help with tasks such as cleaning, furniture assembly, moving assistance, and personal assistance.

12. Pet sitting and dog walking services

If you love animals, choosing to pet sit or walk dogs is a rewarding way to make extra cash. Business ideas surrounding animals include: 

  • Pet sitting: Advertising your services as a pet owner on local ad boards or online can bring income. You can choose to specialise in sitting either dogs, cats, or small animals. 

  • Dog walking: Typically, dogs need at least two walks a day. Many full-time workers don’t have time to take their dogs out daily, so dog walking is a popular service.

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How to choose the right side hustle?

Choosing the right side hustle for your needs can be tricky. You should pursue something that fits your skills and interests while ensuring it’s a viable way to make money. Here’s how to choose the right side hustle. 

Step 1: Assess your skills and interests

When picking a side hustle to earn an extra income, you need to tap into what you’re truly good at, whether photography, marketing or any other skills. If you enjoy the nature of your side hustle, turning it into a moneymaker will be easier. 

Take a moment to reflect on your hobbies, talents, and things that you’re passionate about. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to find hustles that bring value to others and make you happy. 

Step 2: Research profitable opportunities

At the same time as thinking about your hobbies and interests, think about their potential to make extra income in your spare time. Research profitable opportunities by: 

  • Identifying popular trends: Look for current and emerging markets with growth potential. Keep an eye on industries such as technology, wellness, sustainable living, and e-commerce, as they often present opportunities for new side hustles.

  • Analyse market demand: Research your potential market to assess the demand for specific products. Look for gaps or underserved areas where you can provide a unique offering. You can explore online forums, social media groups, or an industry-specific Youtube channel to understand what people seek. 

  • Explore side hustle platforms: Investigate popular online platforms, marketplaces, and gig economy websites. Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Etsy, and TaskRabbit offer a variety of opportunities to showcase your skills or sell products. Research the demand and competition within these platforms to find a profitable niche in an industry you’re interested in.

Step 3: Consider your time commitment

Certain side hustles can be time-consuming, especially when doing physical activities or running an online business. Luckily, there are hustles you can start that don’t involve a lot of time, allowing you to earn a passive income. 

For instance, being an affiliate marketer allows you to use your existing social media channels to promote products. Ensure you take your time with assessing your time commitment and flexibility when considering a side hustle.

Ready to start your side hustle?

Starting a side hustle can have a profound impact on people’s lives. The extra cash earned opens up possibilities for paying off debt, which brings financial relief and sets the stage for a more secure future. 

A side hustle also allows individuals to indulge in their travel aspirations and enjoy life to the fullest, as the additional income can be directed towards creating memorable experiences. The extra funds can also be wisely invested, allowing people to build a nest egg and secure their financial future more confidently.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a side hustle?

Think of a side hustle like an extra gig or project to earn cash. It allows you to explore your passions and interests while earning extra income. A side hustle can be done on top of your day job. It’s a chance to be your boss, set your hours, and call the shots regarding your side projects. 

Whether you want to start dog walking, a dropshipping business, or deliver packages, any hustle idea is worth pursuing. It’s a fun way to make extra money and could turn into a fully-fledged business one day. 

Do I need an ABN for a side hustle?

To determine if you require an Australian Business Number (ABN) for your side hustle, it is essential to consider the nature of your activities and whether you are generating additional income. While some hustlers, such as those selling online products or services, must obtain an ABN, others may not be required to register.

We strongly advise seeking guidance from a tax professional to ascertain whether you need to register for an ABN. They can provide personalised advice based on your circumstances and help you navigate the necessary procedures.

How to start a side hustle?

All profitable side hustles have one thing in common they use the passions and skills of the hustler. If you’re getting started with making extra money from home, start by considering what you enjoy doing in your free time. 

For instance, if you’re interested in makeup, centring your side hustle around social media marketing is fantastic.