Should Moore Park Stadium Get More Parking Spaces?

There is no getting around the fact that we love out sports. Whether it’s rain, hail or shine, we’ll always find a way to get to the stadium on time and have a great night out with friends and family. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find a parking space within the arena or stadium. This can cause huge amounts of traffic, as sports fans rush to find spaces close by. These same fans are petitioning for more parking spaces so that they’re able to get to and from the Moore Park and the Sydney Cricket Ground in their own vehicles. There are definitely some benefits and limitations to this request. 

Benefit: More parking

The obvious benefit to this is more parking for more people. Because there is such a limited amount of parking within the grounds, it’s certainly hard to find parking around the area, especially when you’re on a time limit. Since plans for the new Moore Park stadium are still being decided, many have suggested that more parking be added to the mix. This will benefit those who live far out of the city and drive into the Sydney city in order to attend these matches. 

Issue: Less parklands

This matter has come into play several times during the decision of how large the new stadium will be. The Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust have been set on the parklands being restored and scrapping event parking available at the stadium. And it’s not just the Trust that have their issues with event parking. Residents have also been putting in their two cents and are pushing for the popular event parking to be phased out. There are always alternatives to parking, one of them being renting a parking space. Find a host’s garage or driveway and book it for however long you need to. You may find that it’s cheaper to park, as well as taking up less room, with it being an already existing parking space.

Benefit: Public Transport More Often Used, Therefore Less Road Congestion

With the recent changes to Sydney public transport, it makes sense to use these services. With the light rail being built at the moment, it is only a matter of time before it’s operational and it’s used by commuters to get to work and get to the new sports stadium on game days. This leads into the plan of rebuilding the parklands and turning the parking areas into green space after the railway is built. This would also mean less vehicles on the roads, and therefore less traffic and congestion. 

Issue: Public Transport Delays

With more commuters on public transport vehicles comes the promise of more delays and potential breakdowns. Since the opening of Sydney Metro in May, while commuters have had a better time travelling to and from work. However, there have also been significant delays to transport due to maintenance issues. Since there are no physical drivers on the metro, it relies solely on electronics and the predetermined route. If one thing goes wrong, there can be delays of up to an hour. 

Benefit: Convenience

It’s definitely more convenient for people who live further away and find it much easier to just drive to venues. This is especially easier for commuters who don’t live close to public transport or don’t have transport routes close to the designated sports arena station or stop. More often than not, commuters will find themselves taking much longer to arrive at a venue through public transport, than just driving and braving possible traffic. 

Issue: Parking Usually Only Used During Sports/Events

This really is an issue. For something that takes as much room as a parking lot, you’d expect a whole lot of use from it. However, More Park Inc have stated that the car parks are used for sporting events and concerts, which equates to about 60 days out of the year. It doesn’t really seem worth it to build a giant car park, only for it to be used for less than a quarter of the year. If it were to open up all year, that would be a different story. But since it’s still all but closed to the public during the rest of the year, it seems pretty pointless. 

While parking near sporting arenas and stadiums are in high demand all the time, we really have to ask if it’s really all worth it. Especially if parking is only available during events. It makes sense that there be a smaller parking area for sporting events, especially when public transport changes are being made, as well as the area being prepped for green improvement. The stadium is due to be completed in 2022, so that leaves some time to change minds on either side of the argument on parking.