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Are Our Pets Influencing the Types of Vehicles We Choose?

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, cats are a woman’s, but it can also be vice versa. Despite all of this, one thing is for certain: pets make our lives that much more rich and more fulfilling. So how do they influence us when it comes to vehicle choices? 

Part of the Family

It comes as no surprise that when you get a pet, whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit or another creature, they become important to every family member. Why, they are part of the family. It’s because of this family bond that you want to make sure that transporting them won’t be a problem. You want them to feel safe, secure and comfortable while you’re driving. You can’t do that if your vehicle is too small or doesn’t work with some of the pet seats or belts. There are some belts that don’t work with particular car brands and models. However, this doesn’t mean that these brands are not still an option. 

Some Car Brands Don’t Work with Pet Equipment

While some vehicle brands don’t work with particular pet seat belts, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely ruled out. Sometimes it’s all a matter of researching which pet equipment works with which vehicles. However, that being said, it might affect your choice of vehicle because you may not want to change your already owned pet supplies. Brands such as Jeep and Ford have been known to have both dogs and cats as household pets. Audi owners in the US have been voted pet lovers of the year. So there are vehicle brands that have a tendency towards certain types of pets, and therefore will be more popular than others. 

The Size of your Pet

This is a more obvious reason why drivers will purchase specific vehicles. In addition to pet equipment being able to fit into the chosen vehicle, the size also is taken into account. Larger animals will find it a little tough to feel comfortable if you’ve got a smaller model. Sometimes your pet will feel comfortable in a bed or some form of container. If your pet is larger than most, they will find it difficult to manoeuvre themselves into a good and solid position while you’re driving. Even with the equipment, pets like to move their bodies into shapes that they specifically feel comfortable in, so don’t rely solely on the pet seat belts and containers. 

However, size doesn’t always equate to being the more comfortable option. Think about how large your pet is, how much it weighs and how much room it really needs. If you use your vehicle for multiple purposes, a larger size may be better for everyone involved. However, if you’re simply using it for transportation reasons only, you may be able to get away with a regular sized vehicle. 

While pets are a joy to have, they can get pretty pricey, with vet bills, toys and travelling and household supplies. However, they have the uncanny ability to wheedle their way into our hearts and become an inherent part of the family. This extends not just to family trips and holidays but how we transport our pets. How large do you need your vehicle to be in order for everyone to be comfortable? How many family members are also coming along? All these questions are asked when considering something like a new vehicle. We all want our pets to be comfortable while on the road, after all.