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Do you have a car park that you could rent in Adelaide?

Use our car park rent calculator to see how much you could earn.

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Meet our sellers
Perth sales manager leases car park
James, Teacher - Melbourne
Since leasing my parking space earlier this year I have earned over $3,000.
Sydney designer leases car park
Kathy, Designer - Sydney
Leasing my garage was a no brainer. Parkhound takes care of all the hassles and ensures I get paid on time.
Canberra taxi driver leases car park
David, Cabbie - Canberra
I received my first booking request within 3 hours of putting my ad live. I have had the same driver using it ever since.
Brisbane chef leases car park
Sam, Chef - Brisbane
The money I earn from leasing my driveway on Parkhound covers the cost of filling my tank every week.
Hobart parent leases car park
Jasmine, Parent - Hobart
Being a stay at home Mum, the extra income really helps. There aren't any other ways to earn $3,000 for doing nothing.
Darwin project manager leases car park
Sam, Project Manager - Darwin
I only wish I heard about Parkhound earlier. It took me three minutes to set up and now I earn $50 a week from it.
Adelaide artist leases car park
Chris, Artist - Adelaide
I listed three parking spaces from my studio that were normally unused. 6 months later and I am $5,000 richer.
Perth sales manager leases car park
David, Sales Manager - Perth
I have gone 'parking neutral'. I lease parking near my work from Parkhound and also rent out my garage. They cover each other.