Which Areas in Melbourne Are the Busiest Around Christmas?

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year for most people around the world, as it is observed as the season of giving and spending time with family and friends. One of the things people look forward to during this time is the Christmas dinner, which tightens family bonds. Certain areas in Melbourne are crowded with vehicles and people during the Christmas season because of worship services, shopping, parties and family gatherings. This means that traffic in Melbourne during this time of the year is a little more congested than usual.

Avoid the hassle

There’s nothing more stressful than being stuck in a traffic jam or having a hard time parking on Christmas day when you should be at home preparing for Christmas dinner and having fun celebrating the holiday with the whole family. To save yourself from the headache brought about by the heavy traffic in Melbourne and the fully-occupied parking spaces, it’s important to be aware of a few things. Where should you be prepared for large crowds and traffic? Where will it be difficult to find a parking space?

Given the rapid population growth and the many visitors in and around the city of Melbourne, it’s now a challenge to have a hassle-free shopping or leisure experience. Parking on Christmas Day could be very difficult, along with the terrible traffic congestion and risky routes from morning to evening. Melbourne’s suburb can also be hard to deal with during peak hours. Expect large crowds and heavy traffic in these areas:


This inner suburb has one of the busiest roads in Melbourne, not only during Christmas but also throughout the year, because of the bustling grocery stores and restaurants. The main road, Victoria Street, turns into a major area of traffic congestion during busy hours.

Hoddle Street

This road in Clifton Hill can be unpleasant for people who pass here, and it can be worse at peak hours. Vehicles are allowed to park in remote lanes and you won’t be seeing a bus lane on the north side. Always be careful, as this location has been known as one of the most challenging spots in Melbourne.


During the Christmas season, expect traffic to be 80-percent slower than usual when travelling to Camberwell. As stated by the RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria), the suburb’s main path, Burke Road, is a red spot. In fact, Burke Road is considered one of the worst roads in Australia for traffic postponements. Victoria Walks named the nearby crossroads in the suburb as among the most challenging in the area. If you are planning to go to Camberwell on Christmas, it could be also difficult to get a parking space.

Glen Huntly

Many people won’t think that Glen Huntly can be hard to deal with during the Christmas season. This is mainly due to the level crossing beside the Glen Huntly Station. It’s typically considered one of the most challenging level crossings in the city. This leads to massive congestion of vehicles, pedestrians and trams.


The issue in this area from the CBD is insufficient public transport. It is classified by the RACV as the fourth most miserable red spot in the country.


About 2,000 trucks pass through this area each day going to the Metropolitan Ring Road and Eastern Highway. The area, about 12 km northeast of the CBD, has too much noise and congestion produced by the trucks, which worsen during peak hours.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to spend time with your family and friends during Christmas in the cinemas and restaurants, there are several establishments ready to serve you. Here are some of the establishments open on Christmas Day in Melbourne:

  • Cameo Cinemas
  • Cinema Nova
  • The Lido
Gardens and parks
  • Fitzroy Gardens
  • Carlton Gardens
  • MPavilion
  • Southgate
  • La Petite Creperie
  • Chinatown

As all these establishments open on Christmas Day in Melbourne, you will surely enjoy the festivity of the season with your family and friends. Just get to these areas early in order to secure a convenient parking spot.

Acquire a parking space easily

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