Parking in the Suburbs: Parramatta

Trying to find the best parking Parramatta has to offer? This is a bustling neighbourhood where parking can be a challenge. But we’re here to share all the insider tips you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest Parramatta parking spot or the most convenient parking for your favourite Parramatta attractions, Parkhound has you covered!

Parking Parramatta basics

Parramatta is getting more popular by the day, which makes finding free parking options pretty scarce to nonexistent. There are a few portions of street, such as along Marsden, Ross, Grose, Phillip, Church, and Smith streets, where you may find free 15 minute parking, but that’s not very helpful if you want to do more than just drop in for a coffee. These spaces are also frequently filled as everyone searches for the best parking Parramatta has to offer.

In most other areas, you’ll have to fight for paid street parking or pay to enter a car park. While there are over 7,000 parking meters in Parramatta, the ones closest to the busiest areas are usually full. That means, if you’re going to the big Parramatta attractions, you’ll likely have to walk a bit farther and pay more to account for the extra on-foot travel time.

According to the City of Parramatta, the prices for metered street parking range from $2.00 per hour to $4.00 per hour in CBD. There are also a few all-day parking meters if you want to pay and not worry about checking the time. The all day or 10-hour meters charge either $8.00 or $9.50, but you’ll have to be quick if you want to find an available one.

As far as payment goes, if your phone is registered with the City of Parramatta, you can use your mobile phone to pay for your meter. Otherwise, the meters all accept coins and major credit cards. 

There are also some city-run car parks that charge by the hour, or a flat fee on Sundays. The maximum you’ll pay for all day parking in these car parks is $25. And if you lose your ticket, it’s an automatic $27.

Make sure to keep an eye out in Parramatta for the areas that require permitted parking only. You definitely don’t want to be fined for parking in Parramatta, and parking enforcement is strict.

Learn about the parking Parramatta hot spots

All of Parramatta has its parking challenges, but there are some hot spots that are even more crowded than others. When parking Parramatta, it’s a good idea to know where these difficult parking areas are so that you can avoid them or at least know what to expect.

First up, Westfield Parramatta. If you’re looking for a lovely shopping centre to spend an afternoon enjoying the shops and cafes, Westfield Parramatta is great. But getting in and out of the Westfield Parramatta car park can be a bit of a traffic nightmare, especially during the evenings, weekends and holidays. 

If you don’t mind the traffic stress of finding a parking spot at Westfield Parramatta, you can get the first three hours free. From there, the rates range from $8 for an hour to $50 for the day. Another friendly neighbourhood tip is that after 7pm, Westfield parking is free. Many Parramatta residents take advantage of this, since it’s within easy walking distance of the many restaurants in the area, so keep this in mind when you’re in the area and are still deciding on dinner plans. 

Parramatta Park is another area where parking is likely to be pretty busy. If you’ve ever visited this gorgeous historic green space, you’ll understand why! Families, groups of friends, tourists, and just about everyone else love to visit Parramatta Park, so the traffic jams are all but inevitable. 

Parramatta Park offers their own private car bays if you want to park as close as possible. The prices range from $3 an hour to $14 for the day, which isn’t bad. But the parking in this area is so competitive that even Parramatta Park itself suggests catching public transport instead of fighting for a parking bay.

Looking to park around the Parramatta train station so that you can take a convenient train into the city? Great idea! Unfortunately, the Parramatta railway station is another hub of activity when it comes to parking Parramatta. 

There are quite a few car parks around the Parramatta train station, and you’ll end up paying between $15 and $25 for the day. 

What’s the deal with public transport?

While we’re on the subject of public transport, how is it in Parramatta? Luckily, because Parramatta is such a hub of activity, it sits right in the middle of multiple modes of public transport. You can get around by train, bus or the RiverCat. There’s even the free Parramatta Shuttle Bus that will get you around this suburb every day of the week. The shuttle visits all the best spots in Parramatta: the restaurants along Church Street, Parramatta Wharf, O’Connell Street and more. 

So, if you’re thinking of visiting Parramatta from another suburb or you’re worried about how to get around once you get here, no worries. The public transport here is pretty good, and you’ll be able to get by in the short term.

Of course, there are times when public transport doesn’t cut it. If you’re traveling with dogs, for instance, Parramatta still isn’t totally pet-inclusive. Check our our recent article to learn all about the latest updates about pets on public transport. In the meantime, if you want to bring your furry buddy along, you might have to resort to driving.

What about parking Parramatta for longer than the day?

If you’re looking for the cheapest and most reliable parking Parramatta deals, the clear answer is long-term parking. Paying monthly is the best option for many residents or frequent visitors to Parramatta, which is why many of the car parks offer longer contracts as well as ticketed parking.

For the best long term parking deals, even around Parramatta Park, Westfield Parramatta or the Parramatta train station, you should check out Parkhound Parramatta parking options. There are over 600 parking spaces to rent in Parramatta, and you’ll end up paying less for the month than you would with city-run car parks. Most month-long rentals go for between $200 to $400, and you can search for additional parking features like CCTV, secure access and more.

Monthly parking is great for anyone working in Parramatta CBD or wanting quick access to the Parramatta train station or other sought out areas of Parramatta. Many are within walking distance to Westfield Parramatta and Parramatta Park so that you never have to worry about driving around the car parks hoping that a spot will open up. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try one of the neighbouring suburbs like Westmead for even more options!

Final thoughts on parking Parramatta

Because Parramatta is a place where everyone wants to be, traffic and parking can be frustrating and even competitive. If you’re searching for free parking or always available parking, you might not find what you’re looking for here.

Of course, because there is so much to see and do here, the city has had to make parking a big priority. That’s why you’ll find plenty of metered street parking and car parks dotted around the city. Unfortunately, these aren’t always the cheapest options and you may still have to drive around looking for the best place to park.

Many locals and frequent visitors of Parramatta choose to avoid the mess completely and book long term parking spots through sites like Parkhound. For an affordable price, they have access to a reliable, conveniently located spot right in the middle of this bustling suburb.