Parking in the Suburbs: Bondi Junction

Because there are so many fun things to do in Bondi Junction, many of us wonder how to find the best Bondi Junction parking. Which areas are “no go” zones? Which ones always have available parking? And how can you find the cheapest parking in the area? Here at Parkhound, we’ve been asking those exact questions.

Here’s your thorough guide to parking in Bondi Junction. Whatever fun outing you have planned in this suburb, you’ll have a breeze when it comes to parking!

What you’ll find in Bondi Junction

The word Bondi might make your mind immediately jump to the world-famous Bondi Beach, but this adjacent suburb has plenty of its own buzz. From the huge Westfield Bondi Junction shopping mall to the family friendly Waverley Park to many fun art and culture events throughout the year, Bondi Junction has a little something for everyone. 

Here are a few fun things to keep on your radar in Bondi Junction:

  • Events and festivals at the Waverley Library. The Waverley Library often has fun exhibits and special events for the whole family. Throughout the year, they may host resume workshops for teens, storytelling nights for the little ones, curator talks, 3D printing demonstrations, discussion groups and more family-friendly fun. There are also ongoing art workshops for anyone interested in learning how to do collage or draw. 
  • Recreation at Waverley Park. From netball and tennis courts to a full-sized synthetic field perfect for football, rugby and other sports, Waverley Park is a dream for athletes and exercise enthusiasts. It’s also a great place to relax and spend time with loved ones.
  • Catch a screening at Event Cinemas. Bondi Junction is home to one of the largest  and most high-tech movie theaters in Sydney, with massive Vmax screens and comfortable stadium seating. They show the most recent Hollywood releases as well as independent films and even screened broadcasts from the Royal Opera House. From movie enthusiasts to ballet lovers, Event Cinemas Bondi Junction attracts a wide variety of viewers.
  • Of course, the shopping. It’s not just Westfield Bondi Junction that draws in the big spenders – Bondi Junction offers a long list of shopping locations, spanning multiple blocks. It’s easy to immerse yourself in this commercial district for an afternoon of browsing stores, trying out the many different food options, and pampering yourself with a massage or trip to the nail salon. 
  • Public transport connection between CBD and Bondi Beach. This is another reason why Bondi Junction is such a bustling area – it attracts beach lovers who want to take advantage of Sydney public transport! Bondi Junction Station is located right next to Westfield Bondi Junction, which makes this area even more of a hotspot. With a convenient bus line from Bondi Junction to Bondi Beach, or a quick 10 minute ride in a taxi or Uber, it’s no surprise that Bondi Junction is the perfect destination for a public transport station. 

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In addition to the many attractions that bring people into Bondi Junction, you’ll find that this is also a sought-out residential area. Bondi Junction is great for young professionals, families, and anyone who wants quick access to the beach. And that’s why Bondi Junction is filled with gorgeous homes in addition to the massive shopping mall and well-loved Waverley Park.

With all this going on, it’s easy to guess that parking in Bondi Junction can be tough

With so much happening in Bondi Junction on a regular basis, it can mean that this suburb’s streets are often packed. So, to start off our review of the best parking Bondi Junction has to offer, we should cover the areas that you might want to avoid if you’re looking for a relaxed parking experience:

  • The hotspot for shopping: Westfield Bondi Junction parking. The streets around this large shopping mall do offer some paid on-street parking, but it can be a bit overwhelming given how busy this area can get. If you’re looking for parking on Bronte Road, Spring Street, or any of the surrounding lanes and avenues, you’ll have to keep a close eye on bus traffic, pedestrians and the many posted rules about parking in this bustling area. Many of these streets offer no parking whatsoever, which is why many visitors opt to park in the main Westfield Bondi Junction parking car park or one of the many smaller surrounding car parks. 
  • Car parks around Bondi Junction Station. Being able to take the train from Bondi Junction is a huge relief to anyone who wants to travel back and forth to the CBD and other parts of Sydney. But, finding cheap and reliable parking near the station can be difficult. Many of the car parks lining Syd Einfeld Drive have low reviews because of their high prices and less-than-ideal customer service. Parking in these car parks range between $7 for a half hour, to over $23 for 3 hours or more. 

So where is the good Bondi Junction parking?

Luckily, not all of Bondi Junction is filled with bus stops and high-priced car parks. There are also plenty of places to find cheap and even free parking. 

The good news is, the farther out you wander from the shopping area, the more likely you’ll be to find street parking. Along Ruthven Street, Mill Hill Road, and other residential streets, there are one and two hour parking spaces that are fairly easy to find. 

The issue, of course, is that permit holders who live in the area don’t have to abide by the time limit. So, chances are, new spots may not open up when you’re looking for a new place to park after your time’s up. These free spots also won’t be of any help to you if you’re looking for a convenient place to park while you commute into CBD, or browse the many stores in Westfield.

Parkhound, though, has plenty of parking in Bondi Junction that won’t have you circling the block or paying crazy prices. You can find the best monthly parking Bondi Junction has to offer within walking distance to the shopping area and Bondi Junction Station. There are currently over 230 available parking spaces to choose from in Bondi Junction, and the average weekly price is just $77. Compare that to some of the other commercial parking in Bondi Junction, and you’ll see how much you can save! Plus, because your car will be parked in someone’s privately owned driveway or garage, you can rest easy that your car will be well-cared for while you’re away.

To sum up Bondi Junction parking

Bondi Junction may not get quite as much car traffic as some other Sydney suburbs, but this hub of activity is always buzzing with shoppers, beach goers, and families. From the huge Westfield Bondi Junction shopping mall to the many enjoyable cultural activities to the amazing outdoor green spaces, Bondi Junction is a great place to be. 

Of course, you’ll enjoy your time in this wonderful suburb so much more when you don’t have to deal with the hassle of parking in Bondi Junction. With the help of this guide, you now know which areas to avoid, where to find the free temporary parking, and your options for cheap monthly parking with Parkhound. All that’s left to do is find your perfect Bondi Junction parking space and enjoy all that this suburb has to offer!