Melbourne’s New 10 Year Transport Plan

It seems like public transport is just not taking a break. There are so many new projects across Australia that it’s a little hard to keep up with. One particular project that stands out recently is the 10 year project in Melbourne that promises pedestrians and cyclists that they will be able to safely travel around. The project allows more space for these commuters so that they don’t have to worry about passing over each other to get to places. Here are more details as to why this project has been proposed

Population Growth

As more people move to Melbourne, the less space people really have. Cities are already busy enough as it is, so add on the annual population growth and you’re soon to trip over people as you navigate your way through the city. It’s even estimated by the Lord Mayor Sally Capp that by 2036, there’ll be over 500,000 more people within the City of Melbourne carrying on with their daily lives. That’s a lot of people to be in the same city with, and there are no signs of this really stopping so the transport project is aiming to help out the people.

Pedestrians and Cyclists

Pedestrians and cyclists are also being taken care of in this citywide transport project. There is talk about widening pathways to allow more pedestrians to walk to and from places in the city. Additionally, more bikeways are also being built so that cyclists don’t have to risk accidents while on roads or pathways shared by pedestrians. There will also be protected bicycle lanes on roads that stretches for 50km on key bicycle routes in the city. The project aims to make Melbourne Australia’s leading bicycle city, and this is a surefire way to make this happen. 

Lower Speed Limits

It can be said that drivers in the city like to speed. They’re always rushing to get to places, in a hurry to be on time, and always trying to get home in as little time as possible. Sometimes this just isn’t possible, especially if thousands of other drivers are trying to do the same thing. These changes will most likely occur during peak times so that pedestrians don’t have to worry as much about dodging vehicles in their haste to get to their destinations. This in turn, will increase economic activity, as it will improve the safety of pedestrians and make them less worried while they’re shopping. 

There are also inconsistencies when it comes to speed limits throughout the city. With areas in the East Yarra having 40km/h, then changing to 50km/h when you reach East Melbourne, only for speeds to change back to 40km/h once you reach the central part of the city. Plans are being made to change this and make it more consistent so that drivers don’t have to constantly change their speeds.

Traffic Signal Timing

This kind of ties into the lower speed limits mentioned above. You know the feeling you get when you’ve been waiting ages for the lights to change? Well this is based on the traffic signal timing that the traffic lights have been programmed to follow. As time goes on, traffic patterns change. The parts that were busy before may not be as busy now, and other moderately congested areas might now be where traffic comes to a complete standstill. The changes that the projects proposes will change this, making it a lot easier for traffic to flow. And it’s not just the vehicles that will feel the relief. Commuters will also feel like traffic is a lot smoother when they’re travelling home on the trams, buses or riding bikes. 

Motorcyclists Get More Parking Bays

The project is also a godsend for motorcyclists, as they will get 300 more on-street parking spaces dedicated solely to motorcycles. It might not seem like a large number but think about it. If you’re a motorcyclist, you’re more likely to park on the footpath than you would a car space. If you were to do the latter, you’d probably be on the receiving end of some pretty heavy complaints from motorists that claim that you’re not parking in the right area. With these special parking spaces, you as a motorcyclist won’t have to worry about it since you’re in your designated space that can’t be shared with other vehicles when searching for parking Melbourne

This project is set to begin construction in 2020 and finish in 2030. It promises to make things easier for commuters within the city and help to alleviate the traffic that cities traditionally suffer from. It also hopes to combat the ever growing population and make Melbourne Australia’s leading bicycle city. This might be an ambitious plan but if it pays off, Melbourne will be all the better off with it in place.