Is Sydney the Most Expensive City to Park In?

When you think of parking, your brain immediately goes to congestion, bad traffic and honking, lots of honking. Well, it’s all that and more in cities. Hubs all over the world experience this kind of thing everyday, and usually multiple times a day, with people piling in and out of the city at all hours of the day. Finding street parking is an ordeal, with thousands of drivers competing with each other for the free spots, then the cheaper street parking, before finally settling for the expensive places. Some cities have cheaper rates than others, but we’re here to talk about the highest rating cities. The ones that will render us penniless if we had to park there everyday. Here are the most expensive cities in the world to park in. 

2 Hour Off-Street Parking

New York

One of the best known cities in the world, New York is unsurprisingly the most expensive when it comes to off-street parking. A 2 hour spot costs you $34.94 USD, which could buy you a fancy dinner or a dozen other things. Instead, you’re stuck in a parking space, wanting to get your moneys worth from your parking space. 


And Australia comes in second, just a few dollars behind New York, with $27.37 USD. Off-street parking is common around the city, with multiple Wilson and Secure car parks dotted around the CBD. Beware of overstaying, as the ticket machines will be able to read the time you came in and calculate what time you’re supposed to vacate the premises. So be careful, you don’t want to end up paying an extra exorbitant amount just to be able to exit. 


Australia already has 2 out of 3 of the most expensive parking cities, with Brisbane coming in third. It’s been known to have some of the highest daily parking rates in Australia, so it comes as no surprise that its 2 hour parking rates are high on the world ranking. At $20.55 USD, it’s significantly lower than those of New York and Sydney, however it’s still a high price to pay for only a couple hours of parking. 


Melbourne surprisingly comes in fifth place, despite being the second most populated city in Australia. At $19.87 USD, off street parking is still a heavy price to pay in the CBD. There are always different off-street options, however they’re all pretty much in the same price range. 

It Contributes towards Traffic Congestion

There are always other parking options available to you when you’re in the city. Sometimes you’re lucky and will find a vacant on-street parking space that’s free of charge. It might be rare, but they happen. This hope definitely contributes towards the traffic congestion that occurs during all hours of the day. It’s no small thing, trying to eliminate this from occurring, not with the amount of vehicles on the road in comparison to the number of parking spaces available. 

Alternative Solutions

You don’t always have to park in the city. If you live close to a train or bus stop that has a direct route to the city, you can take advantage of that and use those resources. You might not be within walking distance of these stations, but that’s where your vehicle comes in. Most stations have their own forms of parking, whether it be a designated car park or residential parking, so it makes things a little easier for you in terms of parking. 

Another solution is to rent your own parking space. This might end up saving you more money and time in the long run, since you won’t have to use as much fuel circling the block, and you won’t have to pay as much for parking. Parkhound rates are significantly less expensive than that of off-street parking in the city. Even hosts that have spaces within the city don’t charge as much for parking as off-street parking facilities do. 

Despite New York taking first place in 2 hour off-street parking, it remains second to us in terms of having the overall most expensive parking in the world. It’s not exactly a title to crow about, since it kind of makes driving around a little less desirable. However, there are always more options that you can take advantage of. You might even decide that you enjoy having your own private space for your vehicle alone.