How to Ensure Your Garage is Secure

Many people don’t think about their garages when they go away and the things that they have in there all that much. Here are some tips to ensure that your garage remains secure while you’re out or away.

  1. Switch to a heavy-duty security system
  2. Always lock the garage
  3. Cover the garage windows
  4. Don’t leave your garage door opener inside your car
  5. Install a deadbolt
  6. Invest in a security camera​

Most homeowners try to secure their home from any potential incidents, the garage can sometimes be left out of the equation. While there are security systems that are put into place by society, there are still some things that you can do in order to further protect your garage. Here are some tips on how to ensure that your garage is secure:

Garage security tip #1: Switch to a heavy-duty security system

A more secure system would probably be better for your garage if you want to be extra cautious. Whilst it might entail spending a considerable amount of money, it is a sound investment in the long run.

Two of the most well-known and reliable Australian brands are the Centurion Garage Doors and Steel Line Garage Doors. These companies have been in operation for the last 30 years or more. This is a testament to the integrity of their business of keeping homes secure.

Garage security tip #2: Always lock the garage

It goes without saying that you have to keep your garage door locked at all times. Whether you need to leave the house two or three times a day–and thus have to open and close the garage door two or three times a day as well–the extra minutes you spend to keep the doors locked can be a lifesaver.

Some homeowners like leaving the garage door slightly open to let the air flow because this room can be stuffy. However, do this only if you are going to be in the garage, or in the house. Once you are not in the room, try to keep all entrances and exits locked.

Garage security tip #3: Cover the garage windows

Does your garage have windows? Are these shaded or covered? Be careful about leaving garage windows open, as they could potentially damage things that you might have stored in your garage.

If you don’t want to use curtains or blinds, consider frosting the window panes. You could even add bars or security screens on the windows so that things like possums and other small animals will have difficulty getting in and disturb your belongings.

Garage security tip #4: Don’t leave your garage door opener inside your car

What type of garage door opener do you have and where do you leave it? Most homeowners typically clip the garage key inside their vehicle’s visors, which can be easily seen from outside the vehicle. Drivers have to be careful with this since it might attract the wrong sort of attention. You might not want any unwarranted visitors getting entry into your garage.

A sensible thing to invest in is a keychain remote, where you can attach your opener to your car keys. When you turn the engine off and get out of the vehicle, you also bring the opener with you.

Garage security tip #5: Install a deadbolt

Another good idea for added security is installing a deadbolt to your door. It might seem a little excessive but you can never be too careful, especially if you have certain items of value in your garage that you don’t want put in danger. It might seem like a little bit of a hassle to unlock the deadbolt before you drive out of your garage, however it is better to have it and not need it for the most part. You can have a little peephole installed if you want to have something to identify knockers in the case that it is needed.

Garage security tip #6: Invest in a security camera

Garages are usually blind spots, which means it is hard to see when there is a commotion inside the room. As such, it is a good idea to install a security camera in the room. Motion sensors can be useful as well, especially if you have traffic from your garage daily.

These technological additions might cost hundreds of dollars, however it could be a great investment since you won’t have to worry much about anything foreign entering your garage. You’ll be able to sleep easier knowing that you don’t have to worry about things entering your property unauthorised or otherwise.

Additionally, if you’re planning to lease your garage in a sharing economy site, these security features will come in handy and also makes the Driver feel reassured in the security of their vehicle’s condition.

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