Home parking spaces for rent

An online marketplace where people can list their home parking spaces for some "extra pocket money" is promoting their service to Melbourne's outer suburbs to ease parking shortages at train stations.

Parkhound co-founder Robert Crocitti told Ross and John he came up with the idea when he was saw empty East Melbourne driveways as he searched for a car park at the footy.

"You can get some extra income and they can get some cheaper parking," Mr Crocitti said.

Ross was won over by the concept, insisting it's a "brilliant idea".

"The benefit to the council and the community is you get to reclaim public land," the co-founder said.

"The council property laws really haven't caught up with our service, they were written before our service started, but there's no legal ramifications as yet."

According to the creator, residents "can basically list whatever space they've got."

"Everyone needs a little bit of extra pocket money," he added.