Dog holding a leash in it's mouth

Community Update: Pets on Public Transport

Everyone has heard of the saying: Dogs are a man’s best friend. Unfortunately in Australia, this isn’t always the case, as dogs and other pets aren’t allowed onto the buses and trains we use to get places. The pet-friendly community has come together once again, this time to petition to change the laws involving allowing pets onto public transport. With over 700 signatures, Annie Boxall is hoping to make this change that will also help to boost the country’s economy.

The RSPCA has endorsed this movement, explaining that many of the dogs are being left in cars simply because their owners aren’t allowed to bring them into stores and restaurants. This has resulted in thousands of distress calls of pets being dehydrated and needing medical attention due to this ban.

A study done by the University of Sydney has shown that 2.4 million dog-related car trips are being made weekly in Sydney alone, which is an astonishing number, considering that the population of the city is over 5 million. This contributes to a significant portion of the daily traffic congestion that is experienced by commuters every day. Allowing the option for owners to take their pets with them on public transport will certainly benefit the population in decreasing the amount of traffic experienced in daily commutes.

Some of these traffic issues are related to parking, since the whole purpose of taking your dog out is to let them walk and run around. Parkhound can help with the parking situation, since there are various listings in the city that you can take advantage of if you’re wanting to visit places in the city.

The country is very late in addressing this issue, since countries such as France and the USA already have dog owners bringing their furry friends with them onto the buses and trains in various cities. Boxall has also put forward a certification program that pets can take before being allowed to ride public transport. Dogs must obtain the ‘good boy’ tick of approval based on the testing of their social skills and behaviour in public situations.

Both Boxall and the RSPCA predict that this change will encourage more growth in business and economics across the country. If local businesses and retail stores allowed pets into the premises, they would benefit a lot more financially since owners aren’t stuck waiting outside with their pets while others are able to go in.

It’s also a great thing for your pets, since they’re socialising a lot more with both other dogs and animal lovers, while the owners also have the opportunity for more socialisation, as passersby stop to chat with you while getting to know your dog. It’s a great way to encourage more social interaction, especially in this day and age where technology takes up a substantial portion of our time and energy.

It would be nice to see pet owners be able to take their furry friends with them to outings via public transport. It’s hard for pet owners to travel with their animals, since alternative modes of transport are needed, some of which are quite expensive. Allowing them onto public transport can actually reduce the amount of stress in both the way you travel, and the general atmosphere in society.

If you’re worried at the moment on how you’ll transport both yourself and your furry friend, Parkhound can help you with the parking issues you’ll run into. You can find a space wherever you need and simply book it on the app for however long you need it for. This will solve all the problems you’re bound to run into when bringing your dog on your journeys, whether it be to work or just to visit a new part of the city you haven’t explored before.