Car on street

Are Fewer Car Parks going to Solve Our Congestion Problem?

When you think of traffic congestion, the first thing that comes to mind is countless vehicles bumper-to-bumper, horns blaring from impatient drivers and the slow inching forward of traffic. There are so many things that cause traffic congestion, but one proposed solution is simply lessening the number of vehicles on the road.

To force this change, the Moreland City Council have suggested reducing the amount of car parks within its precinct, which has sparked controversy throughout the country. The council has mentioned that the tram and public transport system will be able to manage all the people travelling around the precinct, something that not everyone agrees with.

There’s a minimum requirement of one car park space per apartment in Victorian planning laws, however it’s within the council’s power to waive this. By forcing residents with cars to find on-street parking, the precinct will have more competition for the limited spaces along the streets, which could in fact, congest the roads even more.

Another part of the Moreland Council’s ambitious plan is to restrict the number of parking permits. Part of this would be cancelling permits for those within 200 metres of the Brunswick, Coburg and Glenroy centres. This is designed to reduce the number of cars on the roads and increase the number of people walking and cycling.

It’s also supposed to make citizens more aware of their surroundings and the people who are using the roads, as drivers, pedestrians and cyclists have become more complacent in times of heavy traffic.

Architects are now beginning to design apartment complexes without parking spaces, something that is a little experimental at the moment. However, if Moreland City Council’s plans go ahead, the city is likely to see more of these changes in the years to come. It’s hard to tell whether it will improve congestion or become a hindrance to the community. For now, there has been a mixed reception from residents, council members and organisation managers.

If you are within the Moreland City Council area and are struggling to find parking, Parkhound can help you. Our approach to congestion is a little different. We look to optimize existing space, joining people who need parking with locals who have an unused car space, garage or driveway.